Discussion in 'REME' started by HENDO, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Hi there I was wondering if anyone could tell me the ammount of maths involved in the electronics techniction trade withing the REME and what kind of maths thanx.
  2. When I was there (87) very close to A level standard, don't recall any calculus but definatley everything else you can think of.

    If you struggle with maths don't even think about it, Maths pool was a pretty steep learning curve (again this was a little while ago), if your new to some of the subject matter you only had 4 weeks to get your act together and pass the course.

    Somebody who has been through SEE (or whatever they are calling it now) recently will no doubt give you a better idea.

  3. Yher im not the greatest at maths however I did pass the technical selection test for this trade as I understand there is a 6 week intensive maths course.
  4. You may be better advised learning how to spell before thinking about maths!!!
  5. thanks for that advice I will get straight onto sorting out my spelling before I even attempt to join a technical corps I never realised just how stupid I am
  6. And stop grovelling!
  7. The maths on the aptitude test at the ACIO or wherever you take it now was nothing like the math you will encounter at the trade school, again with the caveat that it is a little while since I was there. I cannot emphasise enough that if your maths is weak you really have a lot of work to do before getting on to the maths course.

  8. Three students go to a shop to buy a TV. They see one in the window for £30 so they all bung in a tenner each.
    After purchasing the TV, they leave the shop whereupon the shopkeeper comes out and tells them he has made a mistake and the TV was only supposed to be £25. He gives them 5 £1 coins and they each take one and give him the other two for his honesty.

    Each student gave in £10
    Received £1 back each

    Thus only spent £9 each - 3x9=£27 Plus the £2 for the shopkeeper = £29

    Where did the other £1 go?

    If you can solve this you should be OK!!!
  9. Wedge, Thats far too easy!

    You must be an A Mech!!!

    Any Tech worth his/her salt can solve that in seconds!
  10. Come on then spanker, what is it?

    and your right, i am an A Mech
  11. I don't think you know the answer, I think you heard someone talk about it once (tech obviously).

    Are you sure you are not RS, given your recent posts?
  12. Hendo,

    You need a minimum of GCSE Maths grade C, I think, along with English and a Science. But don't bother if you scraped a Grade C - the course will kill you!

    The course is aimed at teaching you to A Level maths including calculus before you go onto the electronics or aircraft phase. Trig, algebra and statistics are the other topics, IIRC. You also do hand skills, tech drawing and science. 12 weeks in the classroom and workshop! 4.5 days per week with a 7 hour day, and prep twice a week in the evening. Further study will be expected.

    Accurate written and spoken English might be useful! Any form of dyslexia or dyscalculia will cause you problems and will limit your promotion prospects.

  13. Not in this new mans Army(if its mild dyslexia for instance)
    and definitely shouldn't limit promotion prospects

    Further training and coaching will be available for you if you find it a problem
    Contact the essential skills department in the nearest Army Education Centre

    Shame on you Litotes, did you sleep during the EO brief? :lol:
  14. norfolk_boy.

    I must pick you up on your grammatical error. YOU SAID "Any Tech worth his/her salt can solve that in seconds!"
    When did the he's join??? Chuffin mincer
  15. Judging by the quality of some of the documentation produced by various organisations, Officers (senior, middle-ranking and junior) and Civil Servants that I am forced to read on a daily basis, it has long been compulsory in the MOD to have mild dyslexia. In fact, IMHO, anyone able to accurately spell dyslexia is now limited to no higher than Captain - and that isn't a Naval Captain!

    I take your point, BM, but would ask if you want to fly in a helicopter or work in a CR2 that is maintained by a REME tradesman with dyslexia?

    If soldiers cannot read or write, they must take up the offer of instruction in basic skills from those excellent people in the ETS.

    When I joined some time ago, the standard joke about poor communication was the one about "send three and fourpence, we're going to a dance"! It seems to have lost its impact since decimalisation, but the message is the same now as it was then. If a soldier or officer cannot read and write to a reasonable standard, they will struggle in today's modern Army.

    I occasionally see soldiers answering exams in "text" language and expecting to do well. They can only pass exams if they are capable of conveying the knowledge in their brain to the lecturer via the written word. Giving them 25% extra time helps them - but try asking for extra time on ops....

    I can feel a rant coming on. I'll have to go and lie down....

    And, yes, I was asleep. You could have nudged me!