Technical Test at ATR

Hi had my second interview, basically waiting for a date to go to the ATR. I was told i am going to have a technical test, because i have chosen a techinical subject which is technical supply speacialist can anyone give me an idea as to what i should expect



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it's just a maths test about 45 minutes long, its about the standard of maths you do in years 9/10/11 at school, gcse or a little easier
Just done the test for a change of trade mate, nothing to hard. PM me for more info.
Yeah, I did this aswell. Although not informed by anyone that I'd have to be doing it until my number was called to go for the test. Haven't done any of that sort of work since I was at school. Still, it's not too hard and I passed quite easily (can't remember what it was out of, but I was told I did good).

It'd be helpful if you picked up a GSCE level maths book from somewhere (or online), as you have to do stuff like indices, various other algebra, simplifying fractions, working out speed=distance/time, factorising...
Check that page, most (I think all actually, but I didn't check it all out) of the stuff is covered there.

It's also a multiple choice test, from A-E. So even if you are unsure, you can pretty much work backwards and see if your answer fits. Do try and revise though, as you will have to come back and re-sit (or miss out on your first choice for job) if you get under the required marks.
I wasnt told i would have to do it either, turns out because my 2nd and 3rd job choices i did have to though. The only real trouble i had was the algebra, never new how to do it in school and i still dont know how now, would advise doing what forks said and going through the algebra section.
It is suggested that you brush up on your maths before attempting the TST. The GCSE Revision Guide from somewhere like WH Smiths may help.

You should focus on topic such as Whole Number Division; Decimal Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division; Fraction Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Conversion; Metric unit Conversion, Averages, Ratios, Proportion/Scale, Percentages, Arithmetical Progression, Standard Form, Significant Figures, Volume, Equations, Area, Angles, Graphical Interpretation.
its multiple choice too
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