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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by john87, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I have an interview soon with an Army Careers advisor in Glasgow, and am hoping to join the RE as a electrician, however the requirements on the army careers website are GCSE C in English and Maths and a Science or Technical subject. Well I have a Scottish Standard Grade 2 in English and 3 in maths(which is equivalent to a GCSE C i think) but the only science I did was Physics and I got a grade 4. So Im wondering basically, what do they consider a Technical subject? Because I have a Scottish Higher(equivalent of A level) B in Computing, and A in Information Systems, and also a Standard Grade 2 in Geography. Would these be considered 'Technical Subjects'?
  2. mate they are so short of sparkies, about to be short by another one next year, they should bite your hand off.

    i went through the scottish education system, did not have any highers & have been a sparks for the last 19 yrs.

    if that is what you want to be within the corps then stick to your guns & do not get fobbed off with a trade that the corps has a shortfall in (that is most of them i believe).

    PM me if you want any more info.

    good luck.

  3. Chilwell,C3S,STRE, Clerk of Works and geo written all over it!!

    Do Scottish quals count?

    Just joking, take knockers advice and stick to your guns .... :wink:
  4. When I joined (back in 85) I didnt have any of the educational quals for RE sparky but still got the job...and passed. Dont be disheartened, just keep at them. Its not like young lads are queueing at the door to get in nowadays.
  5. For the love of God do not cave and agree to whatever some recruiting stripey says is a great job remember he has orders from above on what trades are shortfall.
    The young lad who works for me was told Res Spec was a good choice and he's going to the transfer fair this month as he hates it, like knocker says "Stick to your guns"
  6. Just out of interest, Why do you want to be an R.E. Sparky? Have you had a look at the other Trades (and Corps) in any depth?

    Your Scottish Higher(equivalent of A level) B in Computing, and A in Information Systems could stand you in good stead in other roles in the Army quite well.

    Biased as I am, Join the R.E. ,You wont regret it :D
  7. dont make him do it ... let him make an honest days pay!
  8. thanks for all your replies. I actually am not entirely set on RE electrician. I would perhaps consider another role, but I wont be in the army forever, and the last thing i want is to leave the army with no prospects. Afterall, civvie street doesnt really require qualified Artillery, Infantry, Tank drivers etc.(no offence to anyone in that role. I have huge respect for soldiers at the front)
    The Intelligence Corps interested me, but as far as i can tell the best qualification you get out of that is an NVQ 2 in Admin, which is pretty useless.
    Any information on how the 'Clerk of Works' promotion works would be helpful, as I know there is a demand for qualified Clerks of Work in the civilian construction industry.
    One last thing, Geographic Technician seems an interesting role from what Ive read on he Army site, but they seem to be well...despised here. Just curious why? as I would be tempted to put that as my 2nd or 3rd preferred choice.
  9. conehead (CoW) is the best resettlement cse going in the corps.

    you can start as a LCpl & finish as a SSgt after 2 years on cse at brompton, it is not an easy cse but there is a shortage of CoW elec within the corps (as far as i am aware).

    blokes will tell you that they are all queue jumpers but promotion normally evens itself out over time.

    there are plenty of CoW that visit the site & would only be too happy to help you out.

    go for it.


    do not be tempted to become a geo geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.
  10. Cow - I bloody knew it, told you so, told you so ner ner :wink:
  11. much more call for them than "pie-eating" tanky's in civvy strasse i am afraid A_F. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  12. Pukka Pies always need food tasters ....

    and theres always something that needs bulldozing or pushing over, but as for ropeways gyn and sheers.... and pumping water i dunno?