technical selection tests??

Discussion in 'REME' started by SGTsaladfingers, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. How hard is this test? and what is involved. i have selection for air tech on the 30th march. just wondering what and if i should revise? and also... im wondering wat the difference is between air tech in the army and raf?
  2. Army split there Aviation Technicians into 2 trades.

    1. Aircraft technician (Ac) - Maintain aircraft and their mechanical systems, including engines
    2. Avionics technician (Av) - Maintain all electrical and avionic equipment on aircraft

    There isn't much difference in the job you do in either the Army, RAF or Navy. The only differences are the aircraft you'll get to work on and the postings you'll get to go to.

    Army - You'll get better promotion than the other two services, but you'll be limited by the amount of postings there are for you. The army doesn't have a great deal of different airframes so you'll find that you'll probably learn to maintain them all at some point. Its also mostly rotary and the only fixed wing is sub sonic.

    RAF - Although promotion is slower you'll have the chance to be posted anywhere there is an active RAF airfield and there all over the world. In the RAF there is a lot more airframes to choose from, heavy lift, rotary, supersonic etc. After all, it is the air force, its what they do. FLY.

    Navy - This is a little mix of both.
  3. Look in the Joining Up section, there are loads of threads on it. It's like GCSE maths so brush up a bit if you can't remember much.
  4. ahh cool top stuff. yeah ive had a look but there a bit vague as to what i should focus on. i brought a revision book today. im guessing things such as pie charts arent too important. what sorta stuff do they put on the exam?
  5. First page in the Joining Up section and you couldn't find it :?

    - Fractions
    - Decimal Calculations
    - Directed Numbers and Brackets
    - Indicies
    - Symbolic Expressions
    - Algebraic Fractions and Factorisation
    - Algebraic Fractions
    - Ratios
    - Significant Figures
    - Basic Trigonometry
  6. EEP...looks like i got alot of revising to do. its been a while. non of that really seems to ring any bells in my head. just hope it comes back to me when i see it in the revision book. Whats the toughest part of selection btw? any parts i should be really prepared for?
  7. I didn't even know I was going to have to do it (went for military police at the time) and yes it all came back and managed to pass with a good score so I wouldn't say it was hard.

    Hardest part for me was team tasks which I failed for military police so had to go back so I would say them personally. Ice breaker is easy just give 100% on everything. Oh and on the deadlift, make sure you listen to the technique to use because it is very hard to do without that technique
  8. ah right top stuff. cheers for the info. just gonna run, revise and learn my three choices. got it on the 30th so just bout two weeks to practice.