Technical Selection Test For RAC

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Mike444, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. I was recently at a recruit selection centre and heard that people who wish to join the RAC have to sit a technical selection test. However unlike other corps they do not have to achieve a certain mark to pass. Does anybody else think it is stupid not having a pass mark or is the test just pointless for RAC recruits
  2. Would be suprised if you didn't have to pass, why would they make you take it? From what i gather you are only offered a place in the RAC if you do well on your initial grading, the job of a trooper is far more technically and mentally demanding than that of a Pioneer or Infanteer for example, hence the higher pay band.
  3. I have just got back to RD after a long stint in Recruiting. The TST has been introduced as a trial measure, even though there is no pass mark(as yet) the scores are recorded to try and identify if there is a corrolation between low scores and high wastage at Phase 2, due to the more technical aspects of CR2. If this is found to be the case then a TST proper may come into effect in the future.
  4. Do you think it should remain?

    Do you think it should apply to Officers as well? I'm not commenting, but some say it's harder to command a Panzer in full swing than a helicopter. Crew Commanders - any comments?
  5. As a fellow tank commander I think it would be useful, I know of a few guys that wouldn't have passed any sort of technical ability test. Even a man of my godlike ability gets the feeling of being overwhelmed in the turret at times. YO's are thrown into a tank after relatively short turret time and expected to be able to command two other tanks aswell as just fighting theirs. It's quite a big ask!

    The best way to counter that is to either give more turret time on Tp Ldrs course or more exercise time when at RD. Wishful thinking i guess, but that was how it used to be done from all the Soltau '86 chat I get in the mess from the LE's!! Sounds like that was the time to be Armoured!
  6. I'd agree with you whole-heartedly. (I can't say about the whole Soldau thing - somewhat before my time!)

    It's going to get harder now, with BOWMAN, and everthing that entails. Whilst more and more people are IT-conversant, it's yet another layer to the tactical picture - mind-blowing stuff!

    Not only do Comds, esp Tp Ldrs have to take in the bigger picture of armoured warfare, but they have incorporate the whole digital thing as well.
  7. Apparently we'll be getting the latest version of minesweeper and pinball on our BOWMAN computers - that should balance out the extra stress :?
  8. I assume you're both C2, does this test also apply for those who wish to join Formation Recce?
  9. antphilip, as an ex recruiter in a staunch FR recruiting area, we would rarely send a recruit to MBT(perish the thought 8O ) unless they specifically asked for a particular Regiment or had Grandfather rights. FR recruits will sit the TST because it was probaly easier to say all RAC recruits require testing. But more than likely it is because if a FR recruit wishes to recapbadge to MBT during PH 1 he is already tested. As I understand it RSC is the only place that does the TST and what with old LE's, LSL and jobs for the boyos, they guard it closely, wrestle it from them if you dare :twisted: . Also the old CVR(T) is comming up in the world, what with ESPIRE and BOWMAN (not that a PH 2 recruit will touch either) maybe DRAC wanted to establish a start point across the board.

    DISCLAIMER At no stage were any potential MBT recruits railroaded into FR. Its a simple case of seeing the light :D
  10. Do you think it should apply to Officers as well? I'm not commenting, but some say it's harder to command a Panzer in full swing than a helicopter. Crew Commanders - any comments?[/quote]

    Are you ducking serious!

    As an ex RAC crew commander, now a Lynx Mk7 goon, I can honestly say who ever told you that needs a sharp dig in the ribs!

    What a T*AT!!!
  11. I am now lighting a lantern, swinging it and about to pull up a sandbag.

    So, here goes.

    Many seasons ago the new 2Lt/Lt was always give as either a gunner (Recce,oops FR) or Loader to the Tp Cpl for at least an exercise to get a "feel" for what was going on and to see the "real" thing. Where possible this was done before he was "misguided" into the fact by the Tp Ldrs course that he was in fact the font of all knowledge.

    I had a particular SSM who in BATUS would use the new O's as commander of 14B and they would follow him around behind the battle and he was also used as a spare set of eyes. Again, this seemed to work as a good starting point. It would also teach the new lad the value of a good sandwich, brew and correctly decoded message (combined with a good greasing or thick ear for mistakes).

  12. Yanto there are a few knocking about the tankpark in coveralls etc filling 6530's give them a few weeks then it will be ''i am just in the mess having me tea and toast'' officers shold be banned from the tankpark they just get in the way , and ask stupid questions .