Technical Selection Test Armourer

Discussion in 'REME' started by downunder87, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know the pass mark on the Technical Selection Test for a REME Armourer
  2. I can't remember, but I passed, so it can't be that high.
  3. Didnt realise there was a fail mark for it!!!
  4. I believe it was 36/55.

    I got 49.

    In all honesty get your head down in some GCSE revision like the BBC bitesize website and it's a complete breeze.
  5. Cheers fellers, best get my head in some books
  6. cheers - this was helpful.

    asked my acio advisor for a mock up test; hes give me one and half the stuff on it doesn't make sense yet!
  7. Could you send me a copy
  8. You should have received a document from the AFCO telling you what's in the TST, you can revise it all at BBC GCSE Maths
  9. No mate i'm already serving, applying for a transfer. I am revising basic gcse maths at the mo, if i could get an old test paper I would have a good idea at what level I should be revising.
  10. the pass is for junior above sixteen for armourer i got 34/55 so its not that hard just revise GCSE maths
  11. The pass mark (12 months ago) was 16 for Armr or VM and 29 for Tech. The test consists of 55 questions in 40 minutes and is probably the equivalent of GCSE level. The BBC website (as mentioned before) would be excellent revision.

    Good luck with it.
  12. i cheated on my test i took my shoes off to help me
  13. We got left in the room on my own and I got hounded by a few infantry lads that had been given the test for some reason for answers.