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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. You send a text message to a certain number, however, another number receives the same message?. Is there some sort of text forwarding software on the original number the message was sent too??
  2. You may have accidentally input the CC: option, which sends copies of the text to other numbers in your adress book. Usually the next name on the list. Check your message options if its a new phone. If not.......its f*cked!

    Cheers Easy!
  3. No I never do a CC, it only ever happens when I send to this particular number. all other texts are fine?
  4. Has the receiver of your sms's got a call foward option on?

    Also is the other receiver a total stranger?
  5. Answer 1 ) Im no sure if they have a call forward option.

    Answer 2 ) The other receiver is not a stranger.
  6. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I do hope that Mrs M_M isn't getting copies of texts you're sending to your girlfriend? 8O
  7. Lol, No funny bussiness I can assure you. Its just odd?
  8. Is one the girlfriend the other the wife??? :twisted:

    edited to add: damn too late!
  9. From a position of reasonable authority on the matter I can offer this advice.

    Take out your sim card, rub it on your chest to remove any grease that may have built up over time. Lick the back of your hand and balance the sole of your right foot on a halogen hob.

    Run your phone under running water and throw your favourite dinner plate at the freezer door.

    Problem solved.
  10. You forgot about putting the phone in your mouth & holding your hand up to improve your signal.

    Or re-inserting the sim card.
  11. Yes_Sir, problem solved, the receiver did have the call forward option on.

    Many thanks.
  12. Ah MDN

    As always, the voice of reason in a sea if madness :)
  13. You frumpy menace....... go and jam your head in an armoury door
  14. God i love it when you talk dirty makes me all wet and trembly!!