Technical Project Manager (TETRA, C4ISR) - KSA

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Mike47UAE, May 20, 2010.

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  1. To set the scene:

    In effect, we are a Project Management Consultancy (with little authority but all responsibility) supporting the Saudi Ministry of Interior's Modernisation Programme which involve a number of sub-projects within an overall programme that is, for some, a little frustrating as there is, as yet. no real coordination amongst the various Projects. That said, this is slowly improving.

    We have two roles as Technical Project Manager required to support the MOI Programme Manager (Saudi) in the delivery of the various projects. A 3 year contract, basic US $8000, Accm/Tpt/1 Flight/Family Status/Health Insurance.

    These roles are advertised elsewhere but if anyone has the relevant background and experience, please PM me and we can discuss.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I'll pass this on, do you have a link?

    Basic $8000 a month, bonus/extras?

    In one paragraph it is possible to conclude the Programme Manager is useless....... :)
  3. Good luck with this, I've been waiting from the Kuwaiti's for a 'Pending' Project to start, the wait has only been 2 years so far :D
  4. The TETRA Roll Out has been approved by MOI and at the moment there are four regional implementations planned. Two are in Detailed Design Review Phase with Motorola being the selected Radio and two KSA based companies being that of Primary Contractors. Two other RFPs are in the process of being reviewed at this moment, so in a short while, Implementation will start..
    On the C4ISR Project, EADS as prime (with its Saudi Front) are working on the Northern Border using EADS/NOKIA TETRA (and that opens up a number of interesting technical challenges).
    There is a Control Room RFP in the process of being revised and will then go out for issuance probably within the next 3 months but unlikely to be before Ramadan (then Eid follows on) - so probably Mid September.
    There is also planning for a Kingdom-wide Network being rolled out - NEMO - based on IP/MPLS to provide a fibre network (the TETRA Projects have a almost all Microwave providing the GBN - which I would much prefer hooking the TETRA into the real GBN provided by NEMO).
    Add a bit of lack of total overall coordination between 5 floors of the Telecomms department then you might understand the situation but add the Telecom Depts of the Main User Groups (5 in all) and it becomes somewhat of a Political Minefield. There are no plans to connect the Regional Assets MSO back to a National Command Centre MSO - that Project comes with the Main Control Rooms.
    You are right about the time line - MOI TETRA has taken about a year to get to this point whereas Border Guard is in implementation which only means that those stakeholders are having a go at their Dishdash brothers about lack of Progress on TETRA - such is life in this challenging environment.