Technical/presentation help

I had a very good response to my last appeal for help here, so if it works once it will work twice.

I am giving a ten minute very informal powerpoint presentation this week on San Carlos and I want to start with a montage of pictures accompanied by some music.

Does anyone know any software I can download to do this sort of thing?

Nothing too flash, but some nice visual manipulation of pics and the ability to imbed the music in the presentation will look nicely impressive as an intro.

I have not gone firm on choice of song, but 'this town ain't big enough for the both of us' is the favourite at the moment.

Any tips on doing this sort of thing would be appreciated.


Powerpoint will do all of that for you, you don't need any additional software.

Windows movie maker should let you do that and just use power point to insert it into one of your slides. Then you just crack on with the presentation.

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