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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by chinooksdad, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, I hope this is the right forum to post in, apologies if should have been somewhere else.

    Those who have seen some of my earlier posts will know that I am a budding author having recently finished my first novel which has been accepted by an agent. Thats the easy bit, getting a publisher is the hard part!

    I am currently researching my second novel and am looking for technical help. I don't want to give details away in an open forum so I am looking for serving / retired ATO's for help. My background is Para Reg / Int Corps so when it comes to exposives, if you can't throw it or fire it I'm out of my comfort zone. I will of course establish my bonafides on contact to show I am not some NF nutter running a bed-sit bomb factory and the advice I require will not breach OPSEC nor indeed be anything that could be misused. Obviously I want my book to be technically accurate and not a nutters handbook. I'm more interested in EOD structures and procedures, you know the sort of stuff that shows an author has actually researched what they've written.

    All PMs gratefully received and if you want you can even have a place in the book!

    Thanks all in advance.
  2. ATOs are RLC I think. Stand by, stand by!
  3. You're probably right so how do I move post to the RLC forum.

    I thought RE supplied them however we all work in our own little bubbles so sorry to offend anyone. To be fair, the forum title does say bombs and things.
  4. Good Start Son :thumright:

    You have just pissed off 100% of all ATOs and AT!

    Nice one :roll:
  5. ARRSE is a fickle ickle thing isn't it? Again sorry chaps for technical ignorance, hence the request for technical help. Once the gnashing of teeth and rolling of eyeballs has ceased, any chance of some help? Preferably with PMs that won't explode on opening.
  6. It's going to be a cracking book.......... Not.

    Rule 1 about writing a story is surely, stick to what you know about. Or at least, that's what my English master always told me at school.
  7. :D

  8. Your teacher was talking out his fecking arse then and, considering he came out with such bone shit, probably never read a book in his life. It's Army based and it's law based and, in combining the two professions I have spent my life working in, I can, according to your teacher, write about things I know about. Can you see how that works?

    Written many books yourself lately?
  9. EOD is a big world.

    More specific please??
  10. You spent SO long in the army that you failed to spot that ATOs were RLC (and their forebears). Or were you in the Army Legal Services? In which case, it is no wonder that you don't know what the fcuk you're talking about.
  11. 8)

    Chinooksdad - in what time period and location is the book set e.g Palestine, EOKA, Hong, Aden, NI, BAOR A.N.Other sh1thole?

    Edited to add - I am aware that there are current Ops going on - I would expect OPSEC to be too sensitive for any comment to be made hence my original ommission.
  12. I don't know. He's turning out to be a right International Man of Mystery. That's if his other posts are to be believed.
  13. I wonder how the ATO book is coming along.......
  14. I await it's release with a great deal of indifference.
  15. I await an answer to my questions - luckily breathe is not being held or I'd be a funny shade of blue and be smelling a lot be now :twisted: