Technical forum?

Morning all,

I'm new to the world of ARRSE but am loving the experience thus far. I was trawling through the 27 pages of the Aviation thread and had a good old fashioned giggle. I was, however, looking for some sort of a technical forum. Is a technical forum taboo because of OPSEC etc? Also, does anyone know of a website that I could get my geek-like jollies on?
DummyRound said:
Right on brother! I have visited said website and it is indeed the answer to all my dreams. I shall immerse myself immediately.
Is this thread a p*sstake??

sat in total disbelief that these people exist. :roll:

I reckon you took a sneaky look at that guys link AND LIKED WHAT YOU SAW!!!!!
You are clearly covering your sad tracks with this post!!!!!