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Discussion in 'REME' started by cop1234, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. any one know where i can get tech diagrams from. I tried QMS but to no avail. Answers on a postcard.

    Diagrams showing parts of landrovers ( exploded diagrams )
  2. Tried trawling through the shite heap that is the web?
  3. yeah but to no avail
    more answers on more postcards.
  4. Go to any large Land Rover owner clubs on the net. Someone will be able to help. If not on line, they may be able to send them.
    For example Land Rover World
  5. why would you want diagrams of exploded land rovers :?: :lol:
  6. Expand on what you want them for and maybe able to provide a better answer.

    In-service, private use etc
  7. i need them so i can teach and show new arrivals how to first works a wolf and show them where the componenets are in the engine.
    And yes we aint reme.
  8. Not REME, no kidding!
    The rest of the British Army 1st Parades equipment. You must be in a different Army. You First Works a radio not a L/Rover. Thats Sigs terminology. If you get the terms right you could even take them through Halt and Last parades. You could pioneer it in your Corps, that would be a first. Good Luck!
  9. The AESP has a few pics in it, ref 2320-D-128-201 ask your local LAD if you can photocopy their copy, while you're there 2320-D-128-302 may have some pics too.

    Also, CSV (SP) IPT in Andover could probably help you out, check DII/Phone book for email/numbers. They are really quite helpful in Andover sometimes - honest

  10. Nige,
    dont tell me you had those numbers in your head LOL
  11. jake,
    Yeah, sad isn't it :roll:
  12. cheers nige. i'll try on monday
  13. Last week i rang up a landrover dealer themselves they can actually fax you a copy of what you need if they feel the need for being helpful it was just quicker than going througth internal route..
    if not as alrady mentioned try andover -if no joy there let me know and i see what i can do :lol:
  14. Well done nige, good answer.
  15. Yes, DLO can be helpful - sometimes :lol:

    One of the reasons I was asking why they were required. Not in CSV myself but if you try them and explain what you want you never know. See PM for contact details.

    Also think about going through the official route of asking for them if you feel it will help with your role. Many think 'why the bl**dy hell were these never provided' when the question may have never been asked.

    Good Luck