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I'm setting myself up for it here but, what do the rest of you think of the current tech toolbox?

After spending another afternoon trying to fix mechanical faults and having had to resort to the sledge, I just wondered if anyone else finds it frustrating trying to do the job with p1sh tools.

How could it be improved? Do most of us have our own toolboxes? Should I wind it in?
The new plastic ones are absolutely shite - the old metal ones that you could keep kit other than the issue crap (Fluke, solder, pies - everyday tech kit) were far better. The quality of the tools we're issued is alright, same standard as anything else the Army buys. Use my own tools as much as possible, but light fingered bastards make it bloody expensive at times.
I like the foam inserts so you can tell exactly where each piece is. I find it comes in very handy for some of our more intellectually challenged brethren. Thank Fcuk for the Trade rationalisation / Tech retrade which is currently being undertaken.

jimmys_best_mate said:
(Fluke, solder, pies - everyday tech kit) :D were far better., but light fingered bastards make it bloody expensive at times.
Your own fault mate, an open toolbox is anyone's toolbox - don't lend tools to Operators, if they required a toolbox they would have been issued with one. :lol: Ha Ha

Stand - By

Got My Own, With own tools and a fu*king great big padlock steiner had it right open toolbox is free game. TRust no-one. New ones make it easy to CS though on toolbox checks and other pish like that.
I don't necessarily agree with the following, but here we go:

Personal tools/toolboxes are an absolute no-no. The tools are not accredited for use on military equipment and any equipment damage or personal injury resulting etc, etc.

Secondly, if an individual believes any of the tool in an issued toolbox unfit for purpose, there are processes/procedures in place to have the tool removed from the CES and replaced with a satisfactory item; speak to your FofS who probably knows fück all about it.

Have I ever used my own tools on mil equipment? yes.

Have I ever followed the procedure to have a tool removed from the toolbox CES? No, but then the procedure was only revealed to me by the RSIT team 18 years into my career when I'd given up toolboxes anyway.

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