tech to pilot?

What sort of person flies an aircraft who know exactly how easily it could fall out the sky ?


One who carries out an appreciation of risk v likelihood, then checks his bank balance for an inordinate amount of cash inserted each month.


There are quite a few techs who have become pilots, some of them are extremely good and a pleasure to work with, however some of them are complete sh*ts and think they know everything.
Still most of them don't disintergrate their squirrel training cab!! Most of them don't!!!!!!! By the way it was a blackie not a greenie!
Mossy, for latest info contact 7Bn REME test pilots (they are AAC now!), they will give you the best info going. Many REME's have completed the pilots course both blackie's and greenie's. Number from MOD enquiries. Good luck. Ray would be a good point of contact. :biggrin:

Soon all REME Greenies and Blackies will be AAC!

Mark my words. I have heard it whispered in the dark corners, in the ear, in the inner rooms!



No commission required. Most guys I know went across as full screws or stripeys.
By the way bollocky, I reckon that would be a spnkingly good idea- at least we might be able to get you squawks to listen to us once in a while and actually keep us in the loop.
On second thoughts that would be helpful so completely unlikely to happen!


i got an option to ediy my own messages presumably because I started the thread :sweatdrop:


War Hero
Lots have jumped ship mate ....god knows why......But i bet many wished they'ed stayed where they were!!!!!!!! :headbang:
I can think of eight I knew, both Greenslime and Blacks.
They had to do one tour as Sqn pilot then became Wksp test pilot.
Just got upto 10 and thats in less that aminute.
1st class trade was minimum requirement, tho it became Sgt rank wise after one, Name slips me now was Wksp test pilot for some years and then had to back to REME but as a full screw.
So thats 11.
1 min30 secs.
Forgot Ian S, must be getting old.
So thats 12 in 5 mins and I just fitted in a Bangkok board.
Apologies, a willyism.
and two more names.
14 and Ya can say many things about BKK but Boring is not one of them.
Mind you I know one ex Director AAC who considered it so.
I write as I think.
I usually finish my post sign john and then Have found more to say.
Just my way.
I almost never plan a post and very rarely consult any referance works other then my mind.


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