Tech terms of service amendment ?

Hi, I am a new(ish) tech who has recently left arborfield.

When we were posted, we were made to sign an extension to our terms of service, which means we have to serve 4 years with the colours from the date we left.

I was just wondering, is this worth the paper its written on :?:

My tiff has said he signed a similair one after his tiffy course, but that it has since been cancelled because it was a "load of bollocks".

Anyone got any idea?

Your tiff is slightly misleading you. All soldiers, regardless of capbadge must sign a return of service on leaving Ph 2 Trg (SEAE in your case). The Army must get some return for their training investment in you

Similarly, artificers should all sign a 36 mth time bar on leaving tiffy trg. However, recently SEME (not sure about SEAE) were a bit slack about getting the paperwork signed so some new SSgts escaped the bar so cannot be held to something they never signed - good luck to them. However those who did sign up will be held to that time bar (aka return of service)

The Corps recently removed the 18 mth time bar associated with Class 1 cses.

Be aware time bars tie you to the Army, not specifically your trade so you can seek to transfer to another capbadge.

Thinking of leaving already :?: - flippin techs :D
Thanks for the reply,

I've had a chat with my OC who seems to believe that my tiff is correct. But i still think i have to abide by the SEAE return of service, like you say.

The thing is they're trying to send me on a tour before i can properly look into it further, as my OC thinks i can sign off in 6 months time, he wants me doing something "useful".

I think they're just messing me about. Un-intentionally digging my heels in is getting me nowhere.

Time to see the padre :idea:

Cheers :)

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