Tech Storemen R.I.P

Discussion in 'REME' started by Ramierez, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. Well the Corps has demonstrated once again just what can be achieved with a well thought out plan. Unhappy with the decision to bin the RD/RS/MTI role (take your pick) they are to be reborn. Their new home is to be the storeman CEG brilliant!!! Now not only will the C Sups accounts be a disaster area so will the tech accounts as well. still we'll all be able to march properly.

    What chances the new role will be called Regimental duties?
  2. I have heared the new CEG will be Military Support Specialist (Stores) or (Instructor).
  3. don't feel threatened by the fact that Rs are going to be doing your job. it does not mean that the accounts will be wrong or the trade devalued......we can learn to count blankets spanners and most of us can write too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. RS_RULE, I do not doubt for a minute that you and your colleagues are intelligent fellows, I also believe we need to deliver our own military training. My point is that The average RS/RD chap transferred in to deliver military training to the corps and many (though not all) have no interest in materiel accountancy and lack enthusiasm, when they are placed into those jobs (I speak from experience).

    This is an ill thought out strategy by our elders and betters.
  5. Why would any other trade feel threatened by your ilk?

    Its just wiping your arrse the blokes wont want to look forward to!
  6. It seems that windging RSMs having the ears of REME senior officers, have carved a career profile for themselves and found a way back in, the Tech Storeman who wants to be a Tech Storeman will be picking up the the slack these notorious lazy F@@kers are good at leaving.

    All REME juniors beware when your RQMS(T) is RS, he will have that much on his plate the call of ' MANPOWER' will be heard from one REME Bn to the next.

    All junior Tech Storeman now move on, your career will be finished at Sgt. If of course you don't go MTI.

    God i ain't even a Tech Storemen, changed capbadge, and i can smell it a mile away.

    They love themselves, sorry senior officers love them. F@@k knows why.

    I would also suggest the ex Corps ASM had something to do with this, it wasn't just thought of overnight.

    I agree Ramierez RIP Tech Storeman, get out, i did.