Tech Storeman


Thinking of re-enlisting after I return from reserve service on Op Telic 5 and am currently thinking about Tech Storeman in the REME (I enjoyed doing resources work in the RE but have no desire to be a wedge 'ead again). Don't fancy the Rather Large Corps so just wondering if any of you fine chaps can give me a run down on whether Tech Stores in your Corps is something worth doing?

Oh and BTW, what's the score with driving in the REME? Is it a requirement for every trade and part of Phase 2?

Cheers in advance :)
Tech Storeman REME is quite a good choice. High payband from L/Cpl to Sgt, promoton to Sgt is quick if your in the right places and prove yourself. Postings are good, Uk, NI, Germany, Canada, Cyprus, Brunie. Only problem is a load of RS have just transferred into the trade
How is RS transfering to the role a problem????? For a start we've been doind the SQMS jobs for donkeys years, and with the abolishment of the trade, the job has been opened to over 50 more sgt/ssgt posts. How can you complain about that???? It means tall the mongs that would've been sat at sgt or cpl for god knows how long, will get a chance to try and get something worthwhile out of their career other than a P45!!!!!!! How can you begrudge that??????

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