Tech storeman undervalued

Discussion in 'REME' started by Shiney_Arse, Jan 17, 2003.

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  1. Surely the Technical Storeman despite ***2000 desrves more pay in comparison due to the intense pressure he is under!  Or is it bollox!  Comments please especially from BATS, ta!
  2. I suppose we BATs only have ourselves to blame....... (sigh)  Always willing to take time out to explain your own tally system to you.... again.....and again.  Telling you that it is better to put big bulky tools on the bottom shelf and not on the top one... you know, that kind of thing.  I sincerely hope you donate your undeserved pay to charity.  
  3. Do tech stormen really having a job profile.?.....

    I remember now

    Usually consists of hogging the king blobby on the uckers board!
  4. WHAT!!!!! It's got to be the easiest job on the planet.

    '' Please can i have such n such''


    See piece of ******* piss!!
  5. what is technical about putting stuff on shelves and not letting anyone have it.  
  6. I always thought them OVER VALUED at £10.98.
  7. We will soon see how valued they are when the Atificer pay review takes place this year......  

    I will be very interested to see how that is going to work....

    ??? ??? ???
  8. .... and the technician pay review... Give me my money back! :)
  9. That'll be Pay 3000 then!
  10. Tech storemen?

    Never heard of one of them, but I seen them stacking shelves at Tesco...does that count?
  11. Great respect for the Tech Storeman guys.

    We used to thrash them every week at football on my upgraders.

    Only they can draw you a picture of what it is you should have.
  12. You were'nt playing against fletch by any chance?????
  13. stores are for storing.the trade is a haven for those who have failed at trying to be something all honesty,who goes to the careers office and says ' i would like to be a tech storeman please',i don't know but i'm guessing that it's not that many as there are other outlets with greater promotion prospects within the RLC. they are now taking roles from the soon to be defunct R.S. and stiffling what little promotion opportunities they had,doing a job which only R.S. or Infanteers can do. A tech storeman is hardly going to put the fear of god in you as a CSM.
  14. Whats technical about storing, hows that a trade send them to the RLC yea taff that means you
  15. There is nothing technical about being a storeman, should be happy getting paid what you are for doing fook all.

    Most of you are just bitter failed tradesmen, did you really go into the ACIO and ask to be a storeman ??