Tech Storeman, Class 1 trumped by CQMS course? I think not...

Discussion in 'REME' started by Tactical_Ted, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. I was asked today, whilst my Tiff was checking the unit qualifications, whether or not I was CQMS Qualified. I answered that whilst I am not, I have trade quals which must override or otherwise negate the need for it.

    Surely the fact that I am a Technical Storeman with an entire career dedicated to all things G4 should mean that I am more than qualified....

    Can somebody older or bolder please confirm.

    Ta muchly

  2. By experience you probably are. By regulation probably not.

    Ammo Techs get it the same. JSP 482 states that the day to day running of an ammo store must be by an ammo storeman who has completed the ammo store mans course at the Army School of Ammo. The regulation makes no exception for Ammo Techs, but fortunately we conduct ammo inspections.

    RQs think they are qualified for everything and often get upset when informed otherwise.
  3. In reality, yes. On paper, no.

    Always funny to hear a regiments RQ who has been doing G4 for 2 years trying to brief up the LaD's storeman who has been doing it for 8+.
  4. But you'll really enjoy Deepcut 'learning' how to fill out bone laundry lists....the hardest part is remembering to go no further than that.

    The All Arms Stores Acct learns more. It's a joke. :what:

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