Tech Stmn To Become Instructors

Discussion in 'REME' started by banana_man, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Anyone heard about the Tech Stmn CEQ to change, apparently the Trade name is to change and to gain class 1 you must hold a certain number of instructor qualifications !!!!!!!!! does this sound like the RS that have joined the Tech Stmn role changing the whole trade to suit them. Anyone have any idea what the new trade name will be ?????
  2. who knows... but it obviously makes sense to somebody somewhere ( usually the people it doesnt directly effect)

    the corps just seems to be destroying itself.. upsetting really.
  3. probably too much chatter over too much port. For one thing most of the storeman i have come across by the time they reach class 1 they have the motivation and drive of a salt covered slug. so a few may say "good idea" me thinks not....
  4. grenades go bang, this is the 2nd post I have read from you tonight, tech storeman have the drive of a salt covered slug and techs have the drive of a yorkshire pudding ! are you the REME equiv of McGyver ?

    Just out of interest what trade are you ?
  5. The new trade name will aparently be Technical Support Specialists :eek:
  6. I concur, Technical support Assistants is the suggested title, I was privvy to the draft job spec for this new CEG, interesting reading indeed! And in response to Thread_Bear (see above), the Corps is in self distruct mode!!
  7. Regimental Storemen

    That is the popular suggestion amongst the RS, don't know why :roll:

    The poor old storeman have their trade brought down from within their own ranks by the trade group they threw a lifeline to! :twisted:
  8. Been a Tech Stmn for nearly 17 years now.If truth be known, and a fair few other stackers agree with me, we would best be served OUTof the REME. I have long considered myself a poor relation in the eyes of the Corp, and was once told by a Senior REME OFFICER, "Your not a proper tradesman, you should be with the rest of the stackers in the RLC"!!! My idea is quite simple. Every G4 storeman in the Army could become a single CEG within the RLC, and would be eligible to serve in any unit. Promotion and postings would be stunning and we could concentrate on doing our job, instead of becoming jack of all,masters of none. Just an idea.
    To be fair, I am not really bothered what my job is called, as long as I get paid and my boots fit and the mail gets through.
  9. Don't agree. We'll find then that DRLC will prioritise his lack of men and LAD's would start standing gaps... Regts would then have CQMS's doing G10 stores (when available and BCs etc can release them).

    You'd also probably find yourself doing more tours on behalf of all your downgraded RLC buddies.

    G104MEN... your CEG is very important, you just need a hug. Will go out now and let my G10 know they are loved!!
  10. New CEQ title as from Jan 07 will be Technical Support Specialist, apparently this was decided from Technical Storeman and Regimental Specialist and the support was from the fact that we Support the corps. There was also some reference to DROPS drivers but I'm afraid that bit only confussed me.
  11. Now they can earn their high pay band and promotion to WO1 without doing the divorce course!
  12. Yes, I know we will stand gaps, we're doing it now! As for CQ's doing G10 , I have just done my sub unit CQ cse, so I guess that's me a CQ as well. Talking of which, what a flicking insult that was, like getting an ex-Infanteer to do a REME JMC/SMC/RDQ I suppose!! I was teaching the instructor on several occasions. Still, musn't grumble, got a nice new trade name to look forward to!NOT! :?:crying:

    P.S Asked OC/ASM for a hug. Got told to funk off!(or join AGC!!)
  13. I have one word to the REME Technical Support Specialists "ARRSE"
  14. The demise of the Corps saddens me, VM's getting shafted, VE's shafted, Tech Stm on the way.

    Just backload me to my grand daddys ballsac please and I will stack for Woolworths insted!!
  15. After having the brief about the new ceg last week, I can confirm that Technical Storemen and RS will be amalgamated into the new CEG Technical Support Specialists. This will also now incorporate the New (LOL) idea of REME Drivers. This CEG will initialy be trained as Tech Stmn Class 3 and then after a 2 year posting in that trade, the next posting could be to a BN as a Driver (CVRT/Drops etc.). There was no mention of instructor quals required for Class 1.