Tech Retension problems - solved


I'm sorry, perhaps I'm missing something here. You mean to tell me that the nasty army men at Arborfield expect you to be responsible for other, more junior soldiers? Surely not????
You are I take it an NCO? Fancy being expected to look after Cfn/Recruits.

In case you missed it, this is sarcasm. Get a grip of your attitude you pompous arrse. I too have been a recruit, trainee, NCO and indeed a Pot Tiffy. My training was at Bordon. I expected nothing less when I started my courses than to be responsible for others. Funnily enough it was what I did at my units anyway. If you can't learn and control soldiers you shouldn't be an NCO.

You are an embarrasment to the Tech world. Why don't you sign off now and save the army from wasting any more rations on you.

That sorted my retension out, now how about RETENTION?

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