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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PK, Dec 19, 2003.

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  1. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    Automatic promotion to l/cpl for sys techs is stopping. All tech courses that have started since november 2003 are no longer getting the promotion.

    This is because of the course length being reduced from 56 weeks to 36ish weeks - can't remember exactly.
  2. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

  3. Does this mean they dont get their full screw for passing their class 2?

    Shame!!!! :lol:
  4. Excellent news. All we need now is to stop pot YofS going from full screw to Sgt in the blink of an eye and we will be totally sorted.
  5. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    ah taking a pop at techs
    what an easy life
  6. They only have themselves to blame!!!!
  7. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    why would that be?
    because they had a bit better IQ than you and had the sense to take a job that offered fast track promotion and thus a better pay packet faster?

    still now that they have done away with the promotion as a way of matching a technicians pay packet to his trade knowledge you will have nothing to whinge about will you :?:
    no, didn't think that would stop all the ops bleating :evil:

    :idea: you could always re-trade if you think you are good enough
  8. I'm with 749 on this. Technicians are the 'cream of the corps' and always will be untill a more challenging trade comes along. We not only have the same knowledge as an operator but we also 'fix' the problems too. I spent 56 weeks in Blandfod learning the trade, so I think a lcpl promotion at the end of that was justified. Fullscrew after a year in unit, debatable, however we, as techs, don't Govern the promotion cycle. I'm not going to refuse my Cpl after a year because my operator colleagues don't agree with it. Nor am I going to refuse the 76 quid a day I get for the privalege.

    Also, I believe I would be a Cpl Operator by now if I had chosen the easier route through Blandford.
  9. same knowledge as ops, pleeease behave yourself, thats like saying because i know how to solder i have the same knowledge as techs.
    some tech slime do actually believe this drivel, just because you can radio check does not make you an operator my son. if you care to take a look at the course in detail you will find you are talking shite

    justifying rank from course length? AV tech course is 2 years long (with the added gaps) should they come out as a sgt? the rank is given for a reason, not because of your hard time at the peoples republic of blandford.

    the reason i was told techs had the rank was to be able to inspect wagons.
    a senior tom usually bullies the baby tech anyway. such is life. and it goes on in all units.
    let me guess not in yours? techs in your place must be the really cool cats with silver DB9s and all the chicks. with operators just grumbling about it all the time because they are jealous? thought so

    techs get fed alot of bull at blandford. it is pumped into them from the very start, that they are the cream of the corps. they do thier job well and i respect that. but its exactly the same as the EDs and same as the ops. trouble is the SUPPORT trades get above thier station because they are there to support/help the combat trades, seeing it as a sign of weakness or something.
    reality is, the operators do basic technical fault finding, basic batts and gens basic storekeeping, a whole lot of bitch jobs and a little bit of crossover in the operator trades. techs do tech stuff and never operate unless checking the kit where a simple radio check is needed. minus the "over and out"-cream of the corps indeed (4 techs on my "over and out" counter)

    all im saying my tech friend is you are whineing like a 2nd year tech. i happen to know some very fine techs and the banter is there but at the end of the day they get along with the ops because they respect the job we do and in return we try to help them, because they didnt screw us over. we were unfortunate enough to lose all 3 of our fine technical bretheren and was replaced by 3 of the most weasely members and wasters the corps has ever seen.

    my brother is a tech also..... and he is a weasel too.
  10. Care to justify this remark? With facts, I mean - not the usual self important pish. I'd be interested if you could..


  11. 2nd year tech? Don't think a 2nd Year tech would come out top on his regts tech grading, but hey, thats by the by. Or passed his class 1 after 3 yrs in working units, i'll let that one go too. Your right we are here to SUPPORT the 'combat' trades, (I don't know what part of laying cable is classed a s combat), I used to lay line with the lineys on all ARRC exercises, because as the cream we have to assist with all areas of comms. We can't pull the "i'm an operator, I don't know how to fix that". Yet it could be something like a plug, which lets face it, my 6 yr old daughter could fix. I agree, some techs don't deserve the early promotion etc, but then at the same time you get these clowns in each trade.

    Out of interest, which trade are/were you?
  12. combat trades is a name, god knows why but its an easy way to group the people i am talking about. everyone knows them as combat trades

    radio operator

    the thing that concerns me is why you were out of your ERV laying dirty cable, when there is mincing around to be done?!!

    me personally will call out a tech as a last resort or in an emergency, (staff officer shouty emergency) however i must admit some people are too quick to call on them for a blown fuse that could have been fault found, but hey thats what you get with experience.

    alot of my dislike for techs come from them not fixing the kit properly, therefore getting my lads in shite, it is even less funny when the sprogs are sent to go get kit and the techs are all sleeping or watching DVDs. only to be told "its not ready yet we are busy" alot less stags, alot less shite and alot less complex to tear down says you arent as busy as us matey! just do your job we will do ours.
  13. So the techs "respect" you, but I do note that there is no implicit return of respect. Says a lot for you, and your bone prognostications.
  14. What you do define as 'combat' trades and 'support' trades? I have a funny feeling that this terminology was dreamt up by the non-comms trades because they felt a bit embarassed by being termed 'logistics', as it has a bit of a REMF flavour (totally undeserved of course). I'm sure the Corps only has three career employment groups (CEGs): the Comms Logistics Support CEG (Driver Lineman, Tech Sup Spec and Electrician), Technician CEG (Sys Engr Tech, IS Engr and Inst Tech) and the Comms Operator CEG (RS Op, AS Op, Spec Op). I could be wrong on terminology but I'm sure someone can clarify.

    For example - clearly defines the Driver Lineman as a Logistics role. It doesn't say 'combat' anywhere on the tin, mind you apparently there is some soldiering involved as seen here:

    Sounds awesome.

  15. back to the thread, it would be great to see the playing field levelled out for techs, the full screws can be tarnished with the same brush,

    hopefully with the new system the techs will earn their stripes and not give them out to knobbers.

    (basketball) ****er and (driving) ******* to name two of the knobbers

    and someone who goes by the name of shakespere on here... hes a total loser "atten-shun.... dissss-missssed!" laugh i nearly died cringing!!