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Discussion in 'REME' started by spaz, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. With the redundo bandwagon in full flow no one seems to have noticed the change in Tech promotion from being time based and receiving the feeblest of recommendations (Cpl-Sgt), to one where they have to fight it out by merit for a vacancy.

    Obviously they're still getting chucked a free one after trg but after that they're on their own. Has no one else been briefed on this?

    Will it cause the mass exodus, or huge drop in recruitment that we were always threatened with?
  2. I dont think it will make much difference, after class 1 they should be looking at tiffy course and if not probably dont give a **** about climbing the ranks
  3. Heard it from the horse's mouth (DEME(A)) 2 days ago, so it's certainly true. Does it bother me now? No, I'm marking time now until tranche 3 so not really bothered. If I was in back in Phase 1 again as a potential VM would I retrade to tech this time? No, what would be the point.
  4. Mentioned this in another thread but look at the ammount of Cpls on the TECH Cpl to Sgt board on the REME website there is ooodles of them i think i counted 750.
  5. best news ever, long over due
  6. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    A rather ignorant comment if you don't mind me saying. The main reason for more rapid promotion in the techincian world was due to the responsibility of the trade and its financial comparison to similar trades in Civvie Strasse. Oddly, the only people I ever came across that felt such resentment towards the tech world were all non-tech REMEs. Other capbadges such as infantry and artillery trades seemed to hold us in high esteem.

    We are in strange times at the moment, whereby policy constantly seems to be changing for the worse (financially), be it through extending time in rank, redundancy, VEng, MMA, IE, etc - and with the situation the way it is outside the wire, so to speak - the sign-off trend (or lack of) does not reflect the true state of morale.

    Mark my words, when things begin to improve on the outside again and we enter another boom - watch the sign-off rate shoot through the roof. Cue: FRI's and other perks reappearing. Peaks and troughs gentlemen. They know full well we are being held well and truly over a barrel at the moment.
  7. To hell with doing your trade, it's all about asking stupid ******* tiffy questions.

    "Do you want to go tiffy?"


    "That's not a tiffy answer!"
  8. Despite being an a mech I've got on with a few techs.

    I have never disputed the pay. I think you should get paid for the job you do. What I've had a problem with is the rank.

    I've met far to many rubbish techs with rank purely due to time served.

    Are you telling most of the last promoted deserve that position of rank! Really!
  9. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Unfortunately, the attainment of rank was the only perceived way to ensure the pay matched with their civilian counterparts. As for deserving their rank - a Radar Tech Sgt is never going to be leading a Platoon of infantry across a battlefield. Nor for that matter, is a VM Sgt. Neither trade make better soldiers or worse in that respect, but where I suspect your argument lies, is that in one scenario you could have a 6-year tech Sgt giving orders to an 8-year VM LCpl. This is where I agree the science behind it falls down.

    One would hope that in the case of the Tech Sgt, he or she would exercise discretion based on time served and use their common noodle in treating each soldier with the respect they deserve. Most of us have the intelligence to recognise the maturity of the individual and respect they command, as opposed to the rank on their arms (or chests, these days). It may surprise you to know that I have also met many a rubbish tech who does not deserve to wear their rank. Similarly, I have also met a number of non-tech trades that act like the world owes them a favour because they chose a job knowing that promotion would be slightly more competitive.

    As for the latest lot deserving their rank - we all know people both inside and outside of the wire that are in the right place at the right time. We are often shocked when certain individuals pick-up - but who knows what they have been doing outside of their trade? After all - Glasgow expect us to do our jobs well. It is everything else they bring to the table that elevates that person above their peers when it comes to SJAR time.

    And if we stop looking over our shoulders at our counterparts and concentrate on our own careers - then it really shouldn't matter.
  10. I was spitting venom a year or two back upon the news a certain female armourer managed to pick up her Lance Jack from her ability to stand on two planks of wood and slide down a hill, but that's another issue, plus I broke out my kneepads and got down to "business" and wound up on a sweeper board. It was well worth the brief moment of unpleasentness.
  11. Very sensible words there DC.

    Indeed in 20 years I too believe that only other REME seem to resent the tech promotion. But isn't that just typical of our Corps? We always like to bitch and whinge at each other, too often in public & it goes right from the top. DEvLE, TechVMech, A MechvBMech, ArmrvGfitter, EveryonevPowder Puffs and so on. Who do Metalsmiths bitch at??
    I wonder if shut cint should be bitching at the techs or at the people who wrote the reports that promoted them? Surely that is the issue?
  12. Well from experiences over the last 23 years of working with techs on the whole when I was a full screw A mech 99% of Radar/inst tech Sgts respected that my 9-13 year experience counted and was treated equally due to my knowledge...but saying that I never went in all guns blazing with them saying your a sproggy Sgt and Im a crusty full screw, majority of them will muck in and be your third man if you need there help. Everyone has the choice when they sign up to what job they do.....its a squaddies rights to whinge and an easy target is techs......there are some young throbbers out there but same in any trade.............................regarding the initial question though its going to be good now that all trades will have competition and prove there worth IMHO