Tech Or Mechanic?

Discussion in 'REME' started by PushBeyondYourLimits, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Hey, Going 2 AFC Harrogate On September The 9Th, With Aircraft Tech As First Choice Job And Vehicle Mechanic As Second Choice Job.
    Researched Both Trades Quite A Lot, Leaning Towards Aircraft Tech But Any Input/Advice Would Be Welcome.
  2. VM.

    And thats from a Tech. Stay well away from the Aircraft/Avionics dark side - see Avionics tech post if you need any more persuasion
  3. PBYL - I'm afraid that only you can make that decision. You must base it on what's right for you.
    As a VM you will be working exceptionally hard probably at first line over your first couple of years. That's not such a bad thing as we tend to work hard play hard but you will essentially be bottom of the pile for at least your first tour. On the plus side, you show that you are good and you will be valued by your peers and superiors and you will be given the chance to shine. As a VM you will have a lot of options as to what units you will serve at. How much choice you get is another matter.
    As an Aircraft Tech you will undertake a more rigourous and longer phase 2 at Arborfield, however, the benefit is that you have then chance to leave training as a LCPL. A year later you could become a Cpl (I only say could because it is not given away despite what blackhanders think.) Again you will be given the chance to prove yourself and gain the respect of others. The avionics world is a little more rigorous on the engineering hygiene front due to the nature of the job so you will be monitorde but that is for everyones benefit. A downside is that your postings in the powder poof world are limited. Wattisham see's the highest concentration with a few postings elsewhere.
    Ultimately you must decide for yourself & I hope I've given a balanced arguement. For what its worth, I am neither an aircraft tech or vm.
  4. sparky has got it right, much as i am biased being a vm myself and resenting the fact that techs have a pretty easy time of it, i would say that if you have the option of going tech try it, as sparky mentions you will leave training as a L/Cpl and get your Cpl a year or so after that if you are not a complete cabbage, if you dont like it and see yourself as having made the wrong decision you could always opt for re-trading to vm or something else if that doesnt flick your switch. End of the day you need to think about what is likely to give you the most interest and enjoyment as no point being in a job that you dont like, also look to the future as well as you may not want to stay in the army for the full 22 or even if you do you need to think about your possible options for back in civvy street and the qualifications you will gain in the army through your primary trade be it air tech or vm, though there is also scope to get many chances to do other courses that gain you qualifiactions that will help in civvy street, just need to put yourself forward for them, and if they are a benefit to your unit then it is another tick in the box come your annual reporting time. But i am wandering off the subject there, end of day fella your choice as you may well be doing it for 22 years or more if you stay in the army.
  5. Please question why you want to join the Army.
    As a VM you are right up there with the kit alongside the fighting troops. Hard work but loads of personal reward and job satisfaction.
    As previously mentioned promotion is faster in the aviation world, maybe the civ prospects a bit better after you leave. However the powder puff brigade are little more than crabs in a green uniform.
    If you really want to work on aircraft try the navy, at least you will see a bit of the world.
  6. Cheers For The Advice
    After Reading These, Tbh I'm Now Leaning Towards Vm, Don't Get Me Wrong, Both Jobs Appeal Equeally, And Quick Promotions Don't Sound 2 Bad Lol, But I Want Tours, Postings And To See The World, Which Sounds An Extremely Small Chance As A Tech.
  7. Why just aircraft tech or VM consider the other tech "trades" the old ECE trade was great for variety of postings Armour Artillery Engineers you name it pretty much at least one ECE there, trade structure has changed over recent years so you would have to get a more up to date opinion but there is more to the tech world than aircraft.
  8. armourer
  9. C'mon guys don't bulls""t the lad too much "loads of personal reward and job satisfaction". If you want to be a vm then get used to the fact you can work very hard and very long hours for no reward but the fact of you've done a job well with the guys around you. The rewards whilst few and far between are worth it in my eyes but not to many others.
    Job satisfaction is varied on wether your in barracks, training or on tour. You take what you can, when you can. The job is what you make it, you may find your not spannering but stagging on or in a multiple in Afghanistan for alot of the time. Job satisfaction and rewards are what you make them.
  10. If you have the option of going tech I would still look at it but go more for the avionic side then once at Arborfield I believe you can push more for the challenger 2, HVM side (used to be Radar tech)(Techs correct me if Im wrong).
    Im a VMA and work is good but the promotion side isnt that great where as you will still get chance to work along side the VM if in an armoured unit and you will still get plenty of tours, it doesnt matter what job you do in the REME there will always be tours out there.

    Good luck and like the optomism about Scunthorpe winning the Championship, top half will do me as we are the favourites for relegation. :D
  11. Cheers For The Advice, I'll Have A Chat With The Recruiting Sgt When I Go Down After I Get My GCSE Results And I'll See Which Trade Appeals More
    Yeah Gotta Have Some Optomism, Tbh I Think We'll At Least Avoid Relegation... Hopefully Get To The Sheffield United Match Before I Go...
  12. Ive done the recruiting bit aswell so.
    Easy option then, if you get C's English Lan, Maths and a science go Tech if you get D's go VM. Have you got a third preference just incase you dont get at least D's. I take it you have passed selection so have you got a provissional place at Harrogate yet as this could also decide your options if you could get one of the trades in September but no places for the other till January. AFC Harrogate is a very good place and you will enjoy the year up there and not too far for you from Scunthorpe. I was up there last week for my son passing out parade.
  13. Yeah Third Preference Is Tank Crewman In Household Cavalry.
    Yeah Passed Selection In Febuary And Have A Provisional Place.
    Yeah From What I've Seen It Looks A Spot On Place, Can't Wait To Go
  14. Tech Or Mechanic?

    'Winnit' will do!!! :D
  15. Not bullshiitting too much to say that as a VM you are right up there in the front with the green troops. My recollection anyway. Sure the job is hard work but without the front end experience more easily achieved as a blackie it begs the question "why join the Army'?
    8O 8O