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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mshortm, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. I am currently waiting for my formal interview and have narrowed my choices down to a systems engineer technician or installation technician in the sigs.

    Was just wondering if anyone has any advice?
    Are techs realy considered the geeks of the army by everyone?
    What are the exams at selections like?

    I have got some qualifications which would be usefull eg. maths and physics A levels, computing AS level (not the best grades but a pass all the same) any tips for the interview or anything else during the selection process?
  2. If you have got an A level in maths then i'm sure that the majority of the tests you will need to complete the selection will not be a problem. Most people will fail as a SET because they fail to pass their maths tests at either selection or at Blandford when they start their course. We are no longer considered the geeks of the corps, that is now the right of the IS engineer. All i can say is that SET and Installation tech are 2 completely different jobs. Installation tech is a far more hands on job and you have a lot more chance of going away on ops as an installation tech. Promotion is supposedly faster as a SET and the job isn't as hands on. Both jobs offer good qualifications if you decide to stay in long enough to achieve them but ultimately SET will give the higher form of educational qualifications with a HNC at class 1 level and a degree at Forman level.
  3. Also by this time next year there will no longer be a SET or an IS engineer as they are amalgimating to become CIS engineers.
  4. Not on my watch they're not. I want bugger all to do with those geeks :p
  5. Oh here we go again. Trade Wars - Revenge of the Nerd :twisted:

    Stand by. Stand by.
  6. I find it quite amusing...

    Battle of the geeks!
  7. thanx alot for the fast responce, very helpfull "Big_Kahonna"

    Will give me alot to talk about in my interview and help me choose. I am thinking systems engineer as first choice for qualifications, promotion etc.

    When you say more chance of going away with inst tech, this does not mean that if i go 'set' i will be shut away in barracks and wont see any operations or such like?
    I know you can say if i want to see action i should join the rifles but im not joining the army to sit at a desk.
  8. Well done Bully, a good mature response there. All hail the future of the Corps.
  9. You're welcome PD, I aim to please :p
  10. You're all heart, mate. So what techie stuff you working on these days and what stuff can our young would-be newbie look forward to working with?
  11. No it doesn't mean you won't go away as a tech but there are a lots more oppertunities as an installation tech than a SET
  12. haha if the interview is going well i may add in the ARRSE and see what reaction i get.
  13. Go on… I dare ya. :twisted:

    At worst, they’ll just think you’ve got a mild case of Tourettes.

    This currently appears to be a requirement for promotion to LE Lt Col.
  14. Dunno spent the last 2 years checking BOWMAN serial numbers in RLC hell.

    Cant wait to get back to the real world and discover that my job is dead. Think i might just walk round the HQ taking stuff to bits to make myself feel better.