Tech Help reqd.....wireless problems

The Wireless set up is a Thomson wireless router as issued from Plusnet.

Turn laptop on and wait for it to see the wireless network. Click connect and wait. All i get is 'limited connectivity' and no access to the 'net. BUT if i then access the router set up via ethernet and go to 'wireless set up' and apply the settings, it works. Turn the laptop off and you have to do the same thing again. Put the laptop to sleep and it ok 9 times out of 10. Odd thing is Ipads and Android devices connect fine without any problems at all.

All laptops are fully updates and running Win XP and Win 7. Because the Ipads etc connect ok, i'm thinking its a windows issue??.


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yep its a windows issue and there;s tons of it out there. you can try changing the wifi channel if you are getting an overlap or fixing your IP address with the router in the router admin section to avoid any clash.

refreshing your IP and winsock thingy might help.

How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)


Try changing the channel your wireless broadcasts on in the wireless setup. Could be windows is getting interference from neighbouring wireless channels and is binning the connection.


Probably stating the obvious here, but there's a power settings thingy on most routers for the antenna. It might be set to low instead of medium.

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