Tech help/info needed please

OK, Copied Music CD to hard drive went to burn a copy and it wont let me burn the CD, opens page on internet saying something about migrating the licence and or insufficient rights

Help please
What software are you using to burn the music mate? If your using media player to copy to a CD, try going to tools> Options. On the Copy Music tab, if there is a tick in the "Copy Protect Music" box, uncheck it and try again.

Nero , media player & real player will not burn the CD.
i would imagine the music has built in copy protection in it then. Like Cpl says, stop being cheap :wink:

Then quit being a cheap ba$tard and go buy the music.
Well if it was for me, of course I'd buy the music but it's for this little old lady what only has a basic state pension which doesn't even cover her food bills let alone gives her enough to buy Led Zep 111 CD..... :wink:
tried the web as well and that won't copy either , so does that mean that both the cd and the copy on the web (that I found) are new copy protected versions of Led Zep ?

mmm I need an old version ...yes..?

<edited to add> obviously now I realise about copyright I wouldn't dare copy anything you understand....
<edited to add a bit more> so if I was a mean cheap ole copying type of oik which program would defeat the protection ?
not too sure of the answer for that, but got to worthwhile seeking a crackers site on the web and asking them? plus they have other stuff available for download :D
I've not heard of copy protection coming from Cds to MP3s.

Licence migration is a part of Windows Media player protection and a pain in the arrse.

Get yourself to and get their jukebox. It's very well done with good Copying and burning interfaces. If you can locate a copy of version 6.10.0225 I have a patch to enable it. I've also got the installer but it's 10mb so can send through email at a push.

Other option is

They do a good player with copy/burn features.
Hope this helps
Use Kazza, imesh or bit torrent. (Infact any decent peer to peer file share) D/L nero 6, plus all the plugins. The rip version will let you copy everything, Copywrites included
Ta folks.

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