Tech Av CL1 7-9 years £12,500 FRI 3 Year ROS

Discussion in 'REME' started by big_un, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. This is in the latest AFPRB report for 2010.

    Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Class 1 Avionic Technicians
    3.30 MOD proposed a new FRI of £12,500 to be paid to all REME Class 1 Avionic Technicians
    (Tech Avs) between the 7-9 years reckonable service points. This was regarded as
    necessary to ensure the operational capability of Apache Helicopters and to support their
    campaign footing. It would attract a three-year return of service and would run for four
    years, subject to annual review. MOD proposed automatic withdrawal of this FRI when
    manning for this cadre reached 98 per cent.
    3.31 We heard directly from a number of Tech Avs of all ranks on our visits. Due to their high
    level of specialist training, this cadre has valuable portable skills and can find
    employment in the civilian market relatively easily, even in a recession. We consider that
    the proposed FRI is appropriately targeted in addressing a very specific pinch-point for a
    limited duration, accompanied by some non-remunerative steps to address the problem
    in the long-term.
    Recommendation 10: We recommend the introduction of a Financial Retention
    Incentive for Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (REME) Class 1 Avionic
    Technicians of £12,500 from 1 April 2010. This should be subject to a threeyear
    return of service and should run to 2014 or until manning levels reach
    98 per cent for this specific class and trade.

    However, dont go spending it before you have got it. Remember this is only a recommedation at the moment, its got to be agreed to by the government!

    See you in the bar!
  2. The recs have been accepted and agreed, that's why it was made public today. :)
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  3. Further to above:

    'The Government has accepted the recommendations of the AFPRB in full, which are to be implemented from 1 April 2010. Individuals will therefore see the impact of the award in their April pay statements'.

    Cut and paste from the MoD website.
  4. FRI of £12,500 to be paid to all REME Class 1 Avionic Technicians, makes me sick when I look at what I will get for 22 years of service!!
  5. Introduction of Financial Retention Incentives (FRI). These include the following:

    * High Threat Improvised Explosive Device Disposal Operators*
    * REME Class 1 Avionic Technician in the rank of SSgt*
    * Apache Helicopter SNCO Pilots and Apache Helicopter SNCO Qualified Helicopter Instructors*

    Before everyone spends there money its for ssgt av techs between 7 and 9 years. 12.5 thousand. 50 thousand for EOD techs in high threat, have to serve 3 more years for REME and 4 years for ammo tech, 12 months in theatre. 50 grand for apache pilots have to serve 3 more years.
  6. Yes I was thinking this might be a limited number aswell but havent got the figures to hand.
  7. I wouldn't want to disappoint you by not rising to that particular post old bud, old pal...!

    But combined with the recent change in course length to 5½ months, life for the greenies does appear to be changing for the better. Plenty of Dirhams in the old sky rocket - not to mention all that LSA and GYH too, which I dare say will compensate the Arbofield 'morale-drain' a little too.

    Greenies are the new blackies - it's official. No longer the 12-sided-dice-throwing-milk-bottle-glasses-wearing-spotty-faced-thermos-carrying geeks they once were.
  8. decided to ask some peopple questions here is what I sent :p

    For over a year I have been hearing about a FRI for class 1 avionic technicians because we are so undermanned. It comes out and its aimed at those class 1's at their 7 to 9 year point of the army for 3 years ! Who decided this would be the best people to give it to? Obviously someone decided to ask a course on conversion from class 2 to class 1 technicians and of course they would say they want it. Who asked the rest of us who are already class 1 technicians ! The ones who are currently class 1 technicians and over that 7 to 9 year point in their career have had the manning problem for last 3 or 4 years, shortage of class 1 avionic technicians so always getting sent away on exercises courses and on tour. We dont get rewarded for coping through these last few years, no, but brand new class 1's who to be honest arent worth anything without a year or so's experience get rewarded. Three years is the ROS for 12.5 k which takes them to 10 or a maximum of 12 years. Guess what They will then get out at 12 years and the same problem will occur over and over again. Do the powers that be not think that with the new bonus scheme at 8 years of 15k (army bonus) then that will keep the techs in? It should be aimed at the technicians coming up to or past their 12 year point to keep them in for a few more years. The majority of people past their 12 year point wont leave. What this FRI will cause is more Senior Sgts and class 1 technicians to leave and thus all the experience is lost or at least a lot of bad feelings and that does not make a happy productive work area. Please can someone explain exactly why that time period was chosen and why oh why if your going to give a FRI to some people give it to all of us that put up with declining trade.

    not that I am bitter or anything just means I wont be in for much longer, i am not going to sit around whilst in the next 4 years new class ones come in and get 12.5k for doing a 4 and ahlaf month course which it took me 12 to do . NO sir I will not be a greenie much longer

    rant over
  9. Is that wishful thinking or deliberate disinformation jameson?

    Although it wouldn't surprise me. By my rough calculations the amount of Tech Av SSgts in the 7-9 years of service slot the government would have to pay out ooh....£0

    I was confused by this. The actual report makes no mention of SSgt, just 'all REME Class 1 Avionic Technicians' It is the Army Briefing Notice that states that it is in the rank of SSgt. :?

    (2) Royal and Electrical Mechanical Engineers Class 1 Avionic Technician in the Rank of SSgt. A FRI of £12.5K (gross) for a 3 year RoS is to be made payable to all eligible REME Class 1 Avionic Technicians between the 7 and 9 year reckonable service point in the rank of SSgt. An administrative instruction which details the full eligibility criteria, and the length of the scheme, will be promulgated shortly.
  10. I understand why they have done it mate, just dont think its fair To be honest I didnt expect any different off the army. Its not the army winning on pensions what they dont realise is with less experienced people fixing helicopters more time and man hours and spares will be used to fix faults that us more senior guys know how to fix with the correct spare. Couriering spares on exercise cost roughly £2000 a time and if they demand the wrong spares say 5 times well thats a years pension for a senior guy or even almost one FRI . I am just having a rant thats all, because that is me offski maybe change corps or just leaving I am sure I could get that 12.5k back in the first year of work if i worked as hard as I do now.

    bah humbug and stuff

    ps Losing senior more experienced guys for what is essentially 4k a year or 1 k a year if they stay in till their 22 point is that worth helicopters in afghan not supporting the guys on the ground. More experienced guys can fix faults quicker and turn around faults on the dispersal so aircraft can get on their way to help the guys. I hope the infantry are aware that the government have decided to get rid of the experience pretty much and leave inexperienced guys thus aircraft may get to them later than they may need!!!
  11. I agree withTraztaz, they already get fast promotion to Sgt, surely thats a good FRI. If they dont like it sign off. Mind you they can stay in that rank for 16 years now that is really shti, especially when it takes other trades 16 years plus to get to Sgt.
  12. As a greenie of 18 years experience I have only one piece of advice to those who have missed out on the 12.5K. In fact this applies to all reme aviation....DO YOUR F**KING CIVI LICENSES. Or don't and let me have my choice of jobs when I get out. Or become a plumber. If you're doing it for the money then you're in the wrong job!
  13. Thing is, why should people feel disgruntled about other people getting paid £12.5K for being in the right place at the right time?

    It happened after tiffy course too, with all that extra pay that some of them got.

    I never got the £5.2K that 2 others on my course got - but at no time was I ever disadvantaged pay-wise. I got paid exactly what I was told I'd get paid...

    A degree of resentment perhaps? But still, nobody's being disadvantaged are they?

    PS - Zapped - check your PMs