Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rarden_reaper, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. FFS why not ask at the recruiting office?

    Jesus if i had a quid every time I read one of these posts I could retire quite comfortably

    :x :roll: :roll:
  2. Here's a good one for you than...how about ASKING at the recruiters if you have any burning questions....

    All you'll get on here is the piss taken out of you.
  3. Well don't read them then you cock. Simple!
  4. Only if you ate cat food. Jeez you're such an exaggerator.
  5. Who rattled your fecking cage?

    Are you on here to pass on your "wealth" of experience?

    More like "walt" of experience....

    Prick :roll:
  6. Calm down cold war warrior. You'll bring on a non war fighting induced heart attack.
  7. Sprog turns up at depot Para with incorrect kit list..

    Whats he gonna say?

    "well I was going to follow the kit list given to me at the recruiting office"

    "But then I thought fuck it Ill go with what some fat cunt off the internet who was in the army 30 years ago said to bring"

  8. Don't denigrate yourself so much - the lad's not listening to your advice.
  9. i am listening,but as pointed out earlier to me (reaper) all im guna have on here is "the piss took.".piss taking i can handle because from all of the piss taking im also gettin some good advice,for this good advice im dead gratefull.and also to anyone,any regiment that has done basic training i have the fullest of respect for.but as i said take the piss but i shall also have abit of a go myself!!!!
  10. I have got a wealth of experience. I nearly passed P Company once and know at least 4 Paras. I've also been to Afghanistan 8 times issuing boots and osprey out to the blokes from the stores in 50 degree heat. A mortar round landed within 400m of me. Has a mortar round landed that close to you?

  11. Lol no you got me on that one!

    I bow down most graciously :(
  12. It's natural! :)

    If you notice the rarden-reapers avatar, you'll see a "black" beret! 8)
    That lets you know that this bloke is a REAL expert on all things Parachute Regiment.
    Someone who hasn't done it, but knows everything about it! :roll:
  13. WTF!!! who threw you a peanut gimp?

    I have never proclaimed to be an expert on anything to do with airborne forces

    Just fucking common sense to listen to what current recruiting information

    states rather than you fat ex squaddies who were in 40+ years ago

    fucking internet soldiers! I shit em!!!!!!


    Oh and by the way my beret is blue...get it right cnut. :roll:
  14. 1. You weren't airborne.

    2. You're a civvy now.

    3. I bet your black sack was like an oil slick.