Tears of a hard man (all your fault!)

Bet he got plenty of spotted dick in prison
the suicide attempt stems from this hate filled forum spreading lies about me

18 months IS a long time to suicide yourself, isn't it?
Weak willed, low IQ and a lack of self respect. Any sane and logical man would, investigate, probe, consider the options and act accordingly. In his case, total meltdown, no logical or sensible conclusions, except, topping himself. now he has publicly had a moan, which leaves it wide open to scorn and heaps more piss taking. He is the author of his own demise.[/QUOTE]
I'm disappointed that it's not Ronnie fvcking Pickering
You don't know who he is?!!!

He's Ronnie Fcuking Pickering, the bloke who had a slanging match with a biker, who hadn't a clue who he was, and left him screaming and frothing at the mouth in his car, while his wife looked totally embarrassed , and just wanted to vanish. the biker was not at all impressed, and went on his way, still not knowing who the fcuk he was.
Its on youtube.
Same dude as featured here:
Now there's a helpful chap... consolidating a list for him so he needed consult a search engine to finish up his to do list... what a time saver you are.

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