Tears of a hard man (all your fault!)

Who is this mincing quim?
This hate filled thread about me is on an open forum where anyone can set up an account and abuse me and they have done its page after page of abuse, untrue statements which constitutes slander and defamation of character etc it's massively affecting my already bad mental health and I've recently returned home after a suicide attempt and the suicide attempt stems from this hate filled forum spreading lies about me which are untrue and unfounded and they have also shared my personal details which breaches my right to privacy etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I mean just look at the name of the thread above.

Thank you so much for your time as I appreciate how busy you must be.

So... he admits to being a headcase?
Apparently the fat ginger bastard is upset with actually gaining publicity for his public site...
Is that the Corey bloke?
Could be, but Bugsy, Markintime, Ishtar and a whole lot of other weepy individuals could also be responsible.
I thought it might be the ex Para one, but it's fine, it's the religious chap. Forgive and forget.
Reading the original posts, its taken him 18 months to realise he has been trolled on Arrse, not the sharpest tool in the box!
His complaint about page 4 was "they have also shared my personal details which breaches my right to privacy" the only personal details I saw were a link to his Twitter account which has been deleted, unless he is claiming this post is true...

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