Tearful when pissed Whats that about!!???????????

thegimp said:
It's not old age then! Dad (a tee-totaller) started getting tearful about things when he hit 60 and mates of mine have said the same about their dads.

Enigma - no, he is / was a bootie, so he has a good stock of women's clothes!
PTSD, that's what I reckon. Or else you're just a big fairy.

Oh, and give up the gin. Drink of Satan,by the way...
thegimp said:
You tell me! Not good
There's no polite way to ask this so I'll just bash on - you're not a poof are you?
Aww Gimpy whats the matter..(pulls up a chair and puts the kettle on). You can tell us, we are an understanding bunch of people...
:D Can't speak. head appears to be in a slowly tightening vice and room is spinning

Send Tylex and gaviscon to my location :roll:
I often get tearful when i'm p*ssed. That's usually because i end up lost with no money, a sore bum and surrounded by tramps.
What have you been drinking??
Dubonnet and lemonade, I would think. With an umbrella in it.


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