Team Tasks at selection

Hi everybody,

I am new to this forum and there is a lot of very good information.
I am looking for some specific information regarding the team tasks at selection.
What are people's experiences of the team tasks in particular, as I have looked this website a lot now and wondered if anybody could describe there experiences of the team tasks specifically.

Kind regards.
Designed to see how well you work within a group, see if you just take orders from others or stand out and give your own opinion.

They look at your thought process and problem solving skills, rather than whether your team can complete the task.

The equipment is there to be used, so use it, if your plan seems too complicated then it probably is and generally won't work.

Don't be afraid to will
Learn more about yourself and others through failure.

Speak up, don't let people take over in the leaderless tasks, but if they have a good idea then listen and take it on board, that goes for both types of task.

Remember to put heavy people on the end of the cantilever and the lightest person goes across.

Have general knowledge of knots using thick rope around circular and rectangular objects.

Don't forget the burden, it's better to get a few people across with the burden than no one across at all.

Don't touch the bits your not supposed to, or cross the red lines, your team will be made to start from the beginning each time.

Also enjoy yourself and go with it, you will have a couple of tasks to work through.

Hope that helps.

Int_midget :)
In my experience they seemed more interested in that everyone knew that plan and worked as a team ( that's why it is called team tasks) the plan needs to be detailed not just " we are all going to go over as fast as we can", say who is going to go where, in what order and what their job will be, if there is a big bloke use him to do the lifting etc. Use your numbers when taking to each other, be vocal and give instruction to the others if needed. Work as fast as you can but don't panic and start trying to move planks while people are still on them ( young lad in my team seemed to like doing this). That's about all I can think of. I wouldn't worry about it, I really enjoyed this part of selection just get stuck in.
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