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We had 88 runners in this year's Virgin London Marathon. The biggest team ever!! A MASSIVE thanks to everyone that took part - and their dedicated cheerleaders of course!

Here are some of our highlights:

Corporal Garry Sussex

Garry has set the bar dangerously high for all ABF The Soldiers' Charity fundraisers after completing the Marathon carrying a 46kg (101lb) Bergen. The epic feat took him just 11 hour 24 minutes but Garry was one of the few with the aim of actually losing the Marathon!

Charity staff, Garry's Colonel, Major and well wishers gathered at the finishing line to welcome Garry who had teamed up with a knight in a real suit of armour along the way! ABF The Soldiers' Charity girls couldn't even lift Garry's Bergen!

It is not too late to sponsor Corporal Garry Sussex he deserves it!

Captain Ross Carter

Ross ran the 26 mile route dressed in a 2 stone giant soldier costume! He was hardly able to see the route through the unusually large head but shrugged off such a minor problem saying "I just followed the white line"

Sponsor the largest soldier in the British Army

Sapper Jamie Peace, Sapper Chris Underhill & Sapper Adam Bannister

These three Sappers tabbed the entire race carrying 20kg (44lb) Bergens!

They were kept moving by their dedication to raising money for the charity, as well as a rather large helping of determination and madness, saying:

"We support ABF The Soldiers' Charity because it’s a charity which hits close to home. Although we haven't yet been on tour ourselves we know that when we do, if something happens whilst we are away the charity will be there to support our families. Also if anyone of the lads we are with is unfortunate and gets injured whilst on tour the support and help will be there for them too."

Sponsor a Sapper!

Kristian Williams

For Kristian the London Marathon was just the final leg of a larger challenge. When he crossed that finishing line he was also celebrating the end of a 21 race challenge in memory of his 21 year old friend Rifleman Jamie Gunn who was killed in Helmand Province.

Completing the final gruelling leg in 3h 52min Kristian, who served in the Royal Logistics Corps, said he was “exhausted but happy.” Read more and donate


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