Team Skibum & Help for Heroes European 4x4 Rally

In June last year, my wife and I took part in the Help for Heroes 4x4 European Rally, a 3000 mile round trip following the route taken by allied forces from the D-Day landings to the capture of Hitler's holiday home, The Eagles Nest, Berchtesgaden. The rally involved 45 teams, took ten days and raised a grand total of £121,704.49. We are taking part again this year and we aim to break through the target set by the class of 2010. The 2011 rally has been recognised by Help for Heroes as one of their few Red Letter Events, quite an honour.

If the "Class of 2011" is to beat the total set last year we need your help. The rally total at the moment is £88,606.42, your £1, £5, £10 will help us close that £33,098.07 gap.

We feel it’s important to point out that every penny raised goes to the nice people at Help for Heroes. All rally fees, ferry fares, food, fuel and vehicle preparation costs have been paid by us with our own money. Your support does not pay for our trip; it helps provide cash to the blokes.

For more information & to donate, check out our website Team Skibum - Has Been's Supporting Heroes and look for the pink link to donate. Why not help us by passing our website out to all the contacts in your email list, phone book, twitter list and facebook friends?

We hope you feel able to support us in our fundraising endeavours.

Team Skibum

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