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Or interest in these people and their objectives? For example Reprieve received more than £2m in donations per annum for each of the last five years. Where is that coming from and where is it being spent? The Charity Commission website has the figures but they are scant on information. Their financial report for 2019 states;
"At the end of 2019, we were anticipating a higher income in 2020, owing to the continued diversification of our funding base and the securing of three large grants at the end of 2019"
No mention of where that grant money came from.

My bold Hmm.. creatures like Soros & Bill Gates throw huge amounts around to "good causes" which are very often very lest leaning and anti establishment.
Groups like BLM & XR get regular contributions from them!!
It’s a bit pointless getting your knickers in a twist. She’s not coming back. The government will win it’s appeal and she will remain where she is.

Her legal team hyped up her right to be present at her appeal as essential to the fairness of the appeal and the court swallowed the pill.

If the government lost the upcoming appeal, they’ll be flying them in from all over the world for a second bite at the cherry for everything.

You can be a terrorist or a terrorist supporter or a failed immigrant or anybody who didn’t attend whatever appeal hearing for your case.

They’re all on the telephone to their brief right now asking if they should book their ticket back to the UK.

Ain’t gonna happen!

I can be a little ambivalent about some people losing the right of abode in the UK. Some of it does seem a little unfair.

There’s no ambivalence about Ms Begum though. This young woman voluntarily left the UK to be a part of an organisation world famous for it’s vile and murderous treatment of it’s prisoners.

She’s made her bed etc etc!


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Also yer man Khan; From Wikipedia -
"His father Amanullah and mother Sehrun arrived in London from Pakistan in 1968.[9][10] Khan was the fifth of eight children, seven of whom were boys.[10] In London, Amanullah worked as a bus driver and Sehrun as a seamstress.[11][6]"


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Who would these be? Which department? Judges are fiercely independent and have always resisted interference.

They belong to that special Department that might have something to do with the Health and Safety or maybe the EU or Civil Service or something. You know, the one that's always to blame when someone can't be arsed or is looking for an excuse.

Mrs been decapitated because a lorry has shed an insecure load?
“What the f***!!!”
“Sorry mate, I would have strapped it down but..erm...its elf and safety innit, I'm not allowed climb up and put on ratchet regulations”
“What...oh, yeah, red tape gone mad isn't it, the bastards!”
Who would these be? Which department? Judges are fiercely independent and have always resisted interference.

HM Judges are most definitely not "independent" fiercely or otherwise.
You say they "always resist(ed) interference".
Have you ever heard of 'Sentencing Guidelines'?
In other words, HMG tells the judges what to do and they do it without complaint.
Judicial Independence is utter horseshit just like the so called 'Separation of Powers'.

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