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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Geordiemonkey, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. hi im ta infantry and im deploying to sandy places soon and im spozed o be acting as team medic now iv been told that my team meds course
    starts on monday but havnt been told enything else not even a kit list
    cam enyone help by giving me a kit list or at least a heads up on what the course entails as ive been told **** all


    edited for mongotype
  2. yeah i monged my typing
  3. u nead a dicshanary
  4. yup thats why im infantry
  5. I'd think if you took the time to write that properly then people may take you seriously...
  6. Didn't you receive joining instructions?
  7. give the bloke a break will ya !!!

    You wont need to take anything other than the normal note taking stuff and it would be a good idea to get yourself refreshed on BCD.
    The rest they will teach you. Its just theory and practical lessons, with a small exercise (mass cass ex) and a bit on cass sim make up.

    dont worry about it, just dont get involved with the common core rats as thats the quickest way to get rtu'd

  8. cheers mate eny idea on if we need bergans webbing etc or just daysacs
    didnt get joining instructions probly get them sunday night
  9. all the kit you sould need is a pen and paper if the course your on is benig done on the cheap. You might also need your webbing and helmet if they are doing the whole thing properly. Oh and make sure you have revised you bcd.
  10. Take your helmet and webbing and be prepared to get dirty. If the course is done properly you will be doing 'Care Under Fire' and extracting casualties after winning the fire fight.

    Good luck on the course and in the hot, sandy place. Don't worry too much about the spelling - but make sure you get the 9 liners right.
  11. guess who didnt read the thread properly! :oops: i was talkin about the team medic instructers course! :oops:

    its pretty much the same but they dont teach you anything on the team medics course about cass sim and yes you will need your helmet,webbing and rifle on the day of the cass ex.

  12. Just your helmet and webbing. I'm on the course as I speak.
  13. Catastrophic Bleed
    Disabilities (AVPU Chart)
    Environmental factors

    Signs and symptoms

    Thats just about all you need to know.
  14. I have a feeling that Geordie may have finished his course before you started yours.