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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Tigsta, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. hi all

    anyone recently done the team medics course my unit are sending 5 of us away on it shortly
    whats the content of course? we asume its bit more than the bcdt flick book
    cheers tigsta
  2. did it a while ago, nothing too serious at all, just basic stuff taken a bit further. Unless you are a complete f##ktard you should have no problems in passing it.
  3. I did it the other year before Herrick, the front of my certificate says we covered:

    Catastrophic Haemorrhage
    Airway management
    Basic Anatomy and Physiology
    Basic Life Support/CPR/Choking
    Basic Nursing Care of the Casualty
    Casualty Extraction
    Cervical Immobilization
    Combat Stress
    First Aid
    Rloe of the Team Medic
    Scene Safety

    It sounds alot but you'll be taught everything you need to know even i passed it and i'm mince.
  4. I agree mate, our course lasted one week and when we saw how much info there was to take in, it looked nigh on impossible. However our instructor was awesome and went over everything enough so even the most solid of lads in our group passed first time round.