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A bit of advice please: I'm trying to sort out my training year and I (like a lot of others) am very keen on doing the team medic course. I understand that these are run through our regular counterparts with a certain amount of places allocated to the V Bns. Is there a central training provider at all or is it simply a case of waiting for the WO?


Mate, I did mine as part of the pre-deployment package before Herrick 8 and it lasted a week with a practical assesment on the final day. It was done in house by our own CMTs with support from some RAMC bods. I'm regular though so the administration of the course will be differnt in some way Im sure!. Attempt to find out when the nearest regular unit to you is running one, it shouldn't be a drama at all to get you on it. If you could get the time off work the unit could probably accomodate you on camp, would make things easier all round I guess!? Failing that, just harass your staff at your unit until they cave in or you get knocked out. :)


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I did mine earlier this year though it wasn't through the regs. Availability for future courses was discussed due to forthcoming deployments. Apparently we have one medic qualified to run the course in the battalion which may not be the case in your neck of the woods.

Excellent course though, I'd recommend it.
Im reg and we are doing ours for HERRICK 11 next week.
Thanks all. Good news desktop - i'll let the lads and lasses know.

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