Team Medic or BCDT

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 4th_of_foot, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    I've been asked to do a Team Medic's course. Is that the same as a BCDT course?

    We don't have a PSI so I can't ask him, and no-one else seems to know, even when I can get hold of them.

    Any help gratefully received.

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  2. Simple answer no, two different courses IIRC

    BCDT is aimed more at the teaching and instructing as part of the MATT testing.

    Team Medic is aimed more at life saving point of injury, lifesaving techniques.

    Think along the lines of First aider at work (BCDT) and Team Medic as a good step beyond.

    However if it qualifies you to teach the booklet???? , I wouldn't be surprised if you still had to do the BCDT course 8O
  3. Thanks Mate, that's what I thought.

    I've told them the BCDT is doable but I'm not qualified to do the Team Medic, but they seem to be ignoring me :x
  4. Well ignore them back :D
  5. Go Team medic, it isnt a course that has to be resat every so often, or so I'm led to believe, it's also far more useful than BCD though not in civvy street.

    In what way aren't you qualified to do it?

    As has been stated if you look at the book it says summat about fetch team medic IIRC.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    They do exactly what they say on the tin.

    BCDT trains the trainer - if you pass the course you will be a qualified Battlefield Casualty Drills Trainer. This enables you to teach and test the BCD system.

    Team medic trains you to be a medic in a team. You will get primary life saving first aid, as opposed to the additional clinical, procedural and paperwork stuff encountered on RMA/CMT3.

    Both worthwhile, BCDT for training, Team medic on ex/ops.
  7. Mate, the only qualifications you need are to be post CMS/CIC as far as I know. Do it!
  8. Hmmm. They want me to be able to train BCD so BCDT would be the one, but they also want team medic for when I deploy.

    I thought there was a pre-requisite for Team Medic, but can't find out.

    BCDT just needs CPl or above.

    If Team Medic is the same then maybe they'll want me to do both. 8O
  9. 4th_of_foot

    Are you RAuxAF?
  10. Team Medic trains you to be a medic in a section. You'll learn how to deal with traumatic amputations, catastrophic haemorage and the like.

    Not in loads of detail (the course i did was only 5 days) but just enough to keep someone alive until the IRT show up.
  11. Team medic is ok to a certain point, but IMHO doing the Medicine in Remote Areas course was far more useful... and a billy bonus if work is prepared to pay for it!
  12. Yes Captain, but I work for a Tri-Service unit, which comes under Army control. Can be really complicated at times, JPA is particularly interesting.

    It's a regular unit with reserves attached, hence not having a PSI (or anything else that normal reserve units have).