Team medic for RLC

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by superred21a, Feb 28, 2010.

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  1. My cap badge is RLC and I dont know if this question has been asked before but I am due to attend a Team Medic course soon and the JI's I have been given are dogshit. Any information given would be great.
    i.e Course content and Kit requirement. :D
  2. If I recall way back, course content is roughly the same as BCD but you do it for four days and not just one afternoon. The drills will be a bit different, as detail is added. If it's still the same instructor as a while back, stand by for some pretty sick videos off the laptop. Take a strong stomach, and don't eat too much at breakfast.

    I would show up with an empty nyrex, for the course book and whatever else you'd take for a four day classroom course with an outdoor exam at the end of it.
  3. "I would show up with an empty nyrex"

    Unless its changed drastically since I did it you don't need to!! You get given a small Aide Memoire which is more than enough before your practical test!!
  4. Having just recently completed yet another team medic course, I think it is debatable that you even need to be concious to attend.
    By far the best course I attended was a part of the NI package, in around 2002. The latest standard is barely equal to, let alone above, the skill set required to pass at MATT level.
    I'm in no way under the impression that anyone attending these courses now is any better prepared at dealing with casualties than anyone who hasn't.
    Take all on that you are taught, definately, but ask as many questions as you can muster to make it worthwhile, otherwise you would be as well taking a weeks leave.
  5. My experience (circa 06) was almost opposite yours. I felt that it more than doubled the amount of knowlege of BCD Matts. It might be luck of the draw what instructor you get.

    I suggested the nyrex as the course book is about the right size to go in one. Mine lived in my pocket for six months therafter and would have got battered if not for.
  6. The team medic course is only just above that of BCD (don't forget kids, you are supposed to do BCD before attending the team medic course)
    To my mind it is below the standard that BCD should be, (and no I don't think we should be training everyone to do cutdowns and IV fluids). The old and bold will remember the four days it used to take to teach, and test, first aid in the bad old days (when we didn't need it as much as we do today)
  7. The only test (at the end of the course) is you enter a room/area and casualty is on the floor you will be given a med pack before you start.

    Ensure there is no further danger to yourself/casualty
    then start on your drills. As you go through your drilsl you will be told what the injury is when you get to that part of the drill. You then deal with the injury and continue with your drills.
    <C> Catastrophic bleed

    A- Airways
    B- Breathing
    C- Circulation
    D- Disability
    E- Environment (we never got this in our test but for example it could be the casualty is lieing in cold water).
    Make sure you mark on the casulty the time when the to
    Its a very basic course and its designed just to give basic (life saving) help until a real medic rocks up or the casualty is evacuated
  8. I was on an American Combat Live savers course whilst on exchange,they concerntrate(?) on getting through the golden hour, saline locks in, 9line casevac, stabilising the casualty.

    Its summat that all their troops go through,well the TXNG for definite, then compare that to our BCD.....
  9. I'm a Team Medic Instr, just means i had to do the Train the trainer package down at DMSTG, (Nr Aldershot) The TM course is currently 2 days of teaching and a half day of testing. The testing should be operationally focused and done on the training area. But thats down to the individual instructor... Most sack it due to time, equipment constraints.

    As for difficult, it just builds on the BCD Drills, concentrating on Care under Fire drills, then Tactical Field Care. But nothing to worry about if your able to tie your own laces...

    I've just returned from Herrick 11, after going out on daily patrols with the OMLT in Sangin, casualties on a daily basis. TM's are important and as a CMT, they make an interesting job easier.
  10. Thanks Im starting my course on Monday, and to be honest Im looking forward to it. I am going to take in as much as possible so if the worst happens on H13 Ill be able to deal with it.
  11. What you going out as mog?
  12. Christ knows , Ill find out when i get to my Unit ( Yes I am STAB )
  13. Fair one mate, good luck with whatever your role will be and stay safe, especially if you are going to be a driver in resup CLP's! Hope you dont need tou use your Team Medics skills!
  14. Thanks I will. Yeah i hope so too.
  15. Nice one mate, take as much as you can in. But don't stress over it. It's as simple as smash on a CAT, make sure he's breathing... If he's screaming, he's breathing...
    By the time you've done that, help will be with you. Enjoy your tour.
    Stay low, move fast.