Team Medic Course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Will90, Jul 10, 2011.

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  2. Its a two day course that teaches you the very basics. Its nothing like the training the real medics have. Its just to help in the golden hour/platinum ten minutes until proper help arrives.
  3. but you get a rather smashing godfrey bag from your sister dolly

    I'ts another string to your bow so it's worth doing, I'll get round to it some day
  4. How is it not 'real' traiing? Also I'd say a fair few blokes are still alive thanks to the efforts of these blokes in that crucial early time frame.

    No Godfrey Bags anymore, you get a webbing pouch.
  5. Mine was 5 days and taught more than just the basics, though not much
  6. How is two day training during which time you get about seven different scenerios and only actually "treat" one casualty anything like the training real medics have?
  7. Mine was four days but only because the staff wanted a jolly in Germany, they said they normally do it in two days, which is why we were starting at 09.00 and knocking off at 14.30 every day.
  8. When I did my RMA course, the Team Medic course was part of it. It took five days and we supposedly covered the curriculum of a paramedic (although perhaps that was true if they included the RMA stuff we covered, too) - this was around 2002. Why have they changed it to only two days?
  9. Thats all it takes for the training they gave us, Crow_bag might have been longer but on mine (although streacted out over 4 days) they would have struggled to fill two. Maybe the training was different (More to it) when you did it.
  10. Mine was 5 days but was in 2004, one step up from a BCDT keeps changing, we were taught to use the 341 module but no more I believe.

    Have also done the US Combat Life Saver course, now THAT is worth getting on.

    It's another string to your bow as already stated but it wont make you more deployable per se as the units will have their own.

    Oh BTW You're no longer called a SuT....ITD/ARTD have gone full circle, again, and you're back to being called a only took three years for them to see sense.
  11. Since when?

    It means I have to rewrite all the Quality manual and COs Directives again!!!!
  12. Boxy do you have reference for the reversion to 'recruit'? I'm still working from the Amdt 3 to CMS 09 and wasn't aware there'd been a change.
  13. Amdt 4 been out since the early part of the year.

    but as of May its still SUTs
  14. Do they have any idea the amount of work they create by just changing a bloody name!! Does any body have it in black and white SUT's are now recruits again. Document ref would be good, cheers
  15. when i was away there was always at least one team medic in each section, his primary role was as a soldier and he basically had the added distinction of getting to carry the team medic medpack. each platoon also had a CMT attached so they were the ones who predonminately dealt with casualties (although if they needed a hand they might ask for a team medic to assist).

    i did know 1 TA who deployed on the ground as a medic but he was a fully qual'd RAMC CMT