Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GLIDER, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Right, im in need of some assistance here.

    When you pass a course or cadre in the army it gives you nvq's and the like but the thing i want to know is, is it the same for the TA?

    Ive just passed the Team Medic Cadre so im now a team medic for my deployment but will i be able to use the certificate in civvy street to get a medical type job, or a first aid type of job?

  2. If you had been awarded an NVQ on passing your course you would have received a certificate telling you and then yes, you could use it.

    But you can still use the fact that you have passed this course on your CV or job application, demonstrating your ability to learn and committment to all things medical.

    And not all courses in the regs or TA give you NVQs.
  3. Team medic is just advanced battlefield first aid, and has no relevance in civi street. You can discuss experience in an interview, but it is not a civi qualification
  4. Cheers guys, much appreciated
  5. I'm interested in doing this course. Is their rank/time served requirements.

    Also, where's it held?

  6. Team Medic should also qualify you for St Johns Public First Aid for three years.
  7. Does it? That would be handy too :)

    Can Privates attend the course though?
  8. No rank but expect you to have been in a couple of years I sent most of my Pte from my Pl on it before we deployed. You cant have to many medics. Also sent a coouple of guys who were on the Cambrian patrol last year on it so we had the whole medical side sorted for the patrol
  9. Its mostly run as part of pre deployment training might be run as a course elsewhere speak to your psi.
  10. Cheers for advice guys. Will speak to psi this week.
  11. Yea it is but there are Team Medics course on going. Believe its help at Keogh.
  12. Keogh, that's Aldershot isn't it?
  13. Yea. Just outside nearer to deepcut
  14. Middle of nowhere then!
  15. and full of RAF and Naval types, so walk around with your hands in your pockets and dont bother ironing your kit.