Team Leaders and salespeople required

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by paulyb102, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Team leaders and salespeople required all over the U.K.

    Typical earnings £400-£800 per week for just 20 hours work.

    Call Paul Bass on 07862 271852 to find out more.

    or e-mail on
  2. Post more info or most will assume usual Kleeneze type link - or is that where the Oxygen Thief tag came from?
  3. Post more details mate even if only in outline
  4. This will be the Amway pyramid scheme then.........some crap shaving foam and some washing up liquid to sell......
  5. Ah Amway, yes i made 19million dollars in just 1 year working part time at home and now look at my fantastic homes and lux cars.........

    Bro-in-law tried it and i still have a half used bio friendly bottle of car wash that dosn't harm the enviroment because it contains no soap and thus dosen't clean said car and will stay half empty at the back of the garage.

    Do they do oxygen in a can now?
  6. Well guess he dont wanna post any details then.

    Maybe its betterware!
  7. Or Farepak Christmas Hampers!!!
  8. never knew you could do so well selling Avon
  9. Nice bit of scepticism guys, but no you're all wrong!

    We build window cleaning rounds all over the U.K.

    But you're right, should have put more details up,

    Anyways heres the company website link

  10. Total Tosh!!!
  11. I think the bloke who cleans our windows would be a little bit pìssed off if someone moved in on his patch. Anyway which fools open there doors to cold callers? or do you just work over the old and vulnerable?
  12. There is no such thing as a 'Patch' in business, you,re getting confused with franchising, Cpl Ripper.

    We never take other window cleaners business, and have so far built 55 rounds across the U.K, and 3 rounds overseas.

    Most of the time people who we sign up say, My God, i,ve been looking for a window cleaner for years! Because they can never find one!

    Both me and my staff earn enough to make a very good living, so good in fact that i gave up Window cleaning to devote all my time to it.

    As for Fred West in the previous post, what a Dodgy name(Mass murderer!) and judging by your title i am amazed you actually made the effort to get out of your pit, to tap in your response!

    Paul :D
  13. So you want Team Leaders and salespeople?

    Does this mean you have all the actual window cleaners you need then?

    I have this vision of crack teams of window lickers (sorry cleaners) sitting waiting in a warehouse somewhere just itching for a Teamleadingsalesman to find them a window to clean.
  14. Yes Steven, i have lots of window cleaners, who ask me to build rounds wherever they want the round building.

    There are about 200,000 window cleaners in the U.K. and if you are a new window cleaner, you either have to buy a round, build one yourself or task a company such as mine to build it.

    The advantage with my company, is that you can have the round built exactly where you want it, for half the price of an 'established' round.

    And thats why we are so busy and need the extra staff.