Team GB??!?!?!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bindy, Aug 16, 2008.

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    A plea to all commentators and pundits covering the Olympics:

    Please please PLEASE stop referring to the Great Britain Olympic team as "Team GB". I know that there's probably some great corporate/branding machine which is involved in the making of this "concept" but it's really starting to grip my sh*t.

    I've had a marvellous couch potato day marvelling in front of the Olympic coverage but my enjoyment has been tempered by having to scream at regular intervals, "FOR GOD'S SAKE, IT'S GREAT BRITAIN DAGNAMMIT! JUST BE BLOODY PROUD OF IT". You don't hear the Sri Lankan team being referred to as "Team SL" do you? (admittedly I'm sure the Sri Lankans haven't set the games on fire....)

    Anyhoo, rant over with. Must get back to listening in on the discussion on Ben Ainslie's "lack of wind" :D
  2. It should be Team UK as its Great Briton & Northern Ireland...
  3. Its not really a drama is it. A few days ago a Sky TV commentator said that the England mens hockey team played well.
  4. Apologies for a serious question in the NAAFI but is it the UK Team or the GB team. I ask because there was a Belfast boxer on earlier today with the Irish tricolour as his flag. So does NI team up as a greater Ireland or GB?
  5. Errr, no it isn't.
  6. What about the Isle of Man? Are they part of Team GeeBee???
  7. And what about the 14 British Overseas Territories? I reckon if Bermuda, the Turks and Caicos Islands or the Falklands ever win any medals we should claim them as our own as well. It's the least we can expect from the fuckers, having given them civilisation and cricket and all...
  8. guy cant speak English and is like a spacker when on dry land.

    Now, Daley Thompson...oh dear I need to get air!!!!! :wink:

  9. Use your blowhole then you hideous whale
  10. Shruurp you i even send you Natileie Umbrulieo ealier
  11. How long ago since that photo was taken??

    Or is he time sharing the painting of Dorian Grey with Bruce Forsyth??

    After they got it from Barbara cartland and the Queen Mum (Gaaawd Blesser) :D

    Okay, I may well hang for that one (too modest to say well hung of course)....
  12. Oi Sparky come ere if you have something to say about that God!
  13. Do you mean..

    "if you have something to say about that, God"


    "if you have something to say about that GOD"

    Well if you're into Freddie Mercury moustaches crack on hen....
  14. Errr, yes it is
  15. Thompson is the man...end not...end of!