Team building or bullying.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by rassman, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. So many threads and posts going around that some of the airtroopers of today are not a patch on those of old, so thinking that maybe we were wrong I would like to pose the question with some examples.

    Is this regarded as team building or bullying.

    Every nig from any sqaudron was always paraded at the regt bar and given the most vulgar topshelfs that you could think of. Spit, pubes, musscles, cheese(not bought),alcohol, fag butts with ashtray. He was "made" to attempt his drink, if he did he was one of the lads(till next time), he was then put in the toilet to throw up and sometimes kep in the bar. If he did not attempt the drink he had let the side down and was looked upon with disgust.

    Nig Olympics, this was a particular favourite of Hq sqn(1) as we always got the majority of the new batch, always happened in summer during a block bbq(now that was fun), They would race each other round the blocks naked, in and out of the stadt bins, shotgunned and just generally abused. is that wrong??

    Nig Bowling: A favourite of 661 sqaudron, they even used a proper bowling ball and real people, there must have been injury's surely a 661 vet will let me know??

    Wet weather starts: Whose turn is it, you guessed it, duty nig.

    Beer and blo: Says it all, "what do you mean you have never been with a whore before"

    Got a loan till payday??

    I am sure there are other examples, would it be allowed now, would these young un's drop us in it.

    Was it team building or was it just pre medidated bullying??
  2. My time at 1 regt is before yours, firstly with HQ sqn then 661 and I came straight from the box, so to speak.

    Never encountered any of what you mentioned. In fact, when the regt heard a certain PTI of the jock persuasion was being posted in from 3 regt, for apparently bullying a nig (broom handle arse). It was talked about in the bar, with much disgust and anger, "not going to let any of that crap happen here".

    As it turns out, the guy was a top bloke. As was his partner in crime, who I met at Aldergrove years later.
  3. Ok I dont know how much before you were at 661 but you must have left before 89/90 becouse thats when some of the above menthoined sports, may or may not have been played. I dont belive anbody said anything about a Broom handle, other than sweeping the hanger floor perhaps......

    A pool cue perhaps but that came much later.

    I belive it was all part of growing up, and such things as were going on within reason were nothing more than an establishing the pecking order, all though its interesting that some of those that took it all abit to far, never really made it in the AAC and faded out, the odd exception got through and had the good sense to spend a stint on the Cadre team.

    Whether we like it or not, the Army is a reflection of our current socity and that indeed is a shame.

    Becouse the boys and girls that currently end-up arriving at our training establishments are so so different.
  4. Left 1 Regt in well before.

    It can not be any other way. The Army is just a microcosm of society from which it is drawn?
  5. Interesting question Rassman.

    I would say it was team building, after all no one ever got seriously injured. In my era there was always someone just sober enough to stop the game if it went too far, (I had left long before the pool que BTW). And a nig was never forced, encouraged yes, but never forced.

    Perhaps we were able to play hard (team build) because we all worked, lived and played in the same environment, unlike today where everyone pi$$*s off home at the weekend. But being in that environment, living in each others pockets as a family allowed us to know each others strengths and weaknesses. The top shelf was just another way to find the strength/weakness of a nig, I think mine even had Avtur in the mix!!

    Today’s Army is changing, and some, like myself say it has changed too far!! Indeed as a WO I was not allowed to swear at a recruit!! I agree bullying has no place in the Army, but team building is a must.

    So when does team building become bullying? - I believe it is when the nig\sprog says "no" and is then forced... A person must always be allowed to say "no I have reached my limit". I remember one chap saying "no" to going with a lady of fortune and no one forced him. The next sober day he was respected for having the bo!!ox to say no.

    Perhaps I am wrong, but that’s my views.

    Now where is that firkin .cdy file???
  6. It also seems a patern when the statement 'recruits not as good as they used to be'.

    When I joined in 86 a lot of the older guys said we werent as good and the training was easier etc, etc, etc. The guys that joined in the late 80's are SNCOs now and are saying the same thing.

    Time has moved on, and just because they dont do bed blocks now doesnt mean they are inferior soldiers. Being good at your job in the mob comes with experience. I bet the nigs now will say the same thing in 10 or 15 years time about new recruits.

    That aside, the team building or bullying question is a good one. I never experienced bullying as such. I knew my place instantly with the lads in the block when I started in 651. Went out a few times when invited! And mixed in without being to necky. I remember being a drunken necky nig once and was put in my place very sharply! I think I still have the scars to prove it..........................
  7. Talking to my kid brother who is now in the kings regiment it sounds like todays nigs are more concerned with the latest computer games than going out and getting hammered and coming back with a new squadron trophy.Remember many a time coming back after a night out in minden after gulf war 1 and spinning 4 adtr's prized iraqy anti aircraft gun around so it was facing thier hq.
  8. That is often said, but this time it said

    which is very true. The trouble with the team building listed is it can go too far very quickly and easily, and a grey area is not something we are allowed anymore.

    It's not something that can be sorted out easily but requires moderation from both parties. i.e. you can't feck their arrse with a broom and they can't feck you off 'cos they knows their rights! 8O

    If only it were that easy :(
  9. Oh yes I have been there and seen it all at the aforementioned regt. I have even donated some of my "fliuds". I tell you what, just watching the nigs used to make me chunder, but those that passed are the heros in my eyes. Long live nig olympics. I know one nig told daddy and the regt was threatened with the powerful sun news paper .Orderly officer told the bar staff that the bar would be closed down if owt happened!!! It didnt......well not that night........How dare the w@nkers take away our fun. Bring out the cola bear!!!!!!!!
  10. was he a fat useless twat from hq sqn, feint scouse accent??

  11. Cola Bear???????

    BRING ME MY POLAR BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. oops sorry GGO have had many many beers since then............thus killing lots of my brain cells......but you are right please please forgive me?!?!?!
  13. Team Building definitely, I remember one guy did the top shelf thing in the rat pit on his farewell p*ss up, he smartly made his way up to CMH shortly afterwards and had a stomach pump done.... Those were the days..
  14. Remember getting my Sgt in Minden. Had to drink a drink from everyone in the bar. Got so hammered that I woke up at home with no eyebrows, and markler pen sunglasses that took all day to remove.

    Had to take a bite of the margarine in the bucket of swill and booze in 661 in mid 80s. that was sickly. The SSM thought it was hilarious.

    Political correctness has changed things, not the troops themselves. Look at the Marine incident. Units are scared sheetless that the Current Bun will write their own version of events if they get wind of such things.

    But ironically, in Civ Div this is known as playful banter amongst collegues.
  15. when use say nigs do use mean niggas?