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Team Australia world Police


Book Reviewer
Well, the Aussies are, I believe, able to carry out one medium scale 'enduring' operation at a time, according to their cunning plans. They now have 1,300+ in or around E Timor, 600+ in or around Iraq, and a good few in Afghanistan, so overstretch beckons.

Welcome to the club :twisted:
Ah but the Aussies are made of stern stuf.
they thrive on hardship its their ANZAC tradition. :eek:

Team Australia Fcuk yeah !

HavocIRL said:
Is the UN mission still going on in East Timor or have they closed up shop?

Hope they've closed up for they normally wreck the countries they try and help.
Better letting the Australians deal with it, at least they know what to do. :eek:

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