Team America

Saw team america - world police over the weekend.

Not what I expected at all (no, not because I thought we were going to see phantom of the opera)

I recommend it IF you can trun your purile switch ON until the film message comes through (you have to wait right until the end though). A satirical way of conveying a message I haven't heard holywood express yet.

Won't be everyone's cup of tea at all, but the theme tune "America - Fcuk Yeah!" has enduring appeal. Not another mindless Michael Moore Spam-bash either, which is nice - and strangely ends up with a (relatively) realistic viewpoint. Don't go if you've made your mind up to hate it first though. Or if you don't know where the USA is.

The tidal wave bit is obviously pre-tsunami and VERY ill-advised.

Would be interested in what other arrse-ists think.
Not yet had a chance to see it, but have seen many trailers for it on TV; it looks funny and is a good concept.

Waiting for the Germans to bring it out here!
Only seen the 1st 5 mins but I know I want to see the rest and buy the DVD (eventually).
The bit I saw they killed many terrorists and destroyed all the Paris landmarks - the Team not realising how much severe destruction they'd done.
Some guys in the office said its be banned in some parts of USA.


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Great film! Loved it when they trashed Paris - if only it were not fiction. Some of it was a bit laboured but still great.
I saw the film some time ago, but will try to toss an opinon out.
It was, middle of the road, I did enjoy the fact that it picked at the "Liberal Left Wing" as well as the "Right" though it dragged on, and could of wrapped up quicker.

Kung fu with puppets is always good for a laugh, including the absolutely shocking disguise he gets and lines such as,

'your going to have to act fast'


'i'm going to stick your balls up your ass, so everytime you shit, you shit on your balls'

can't be beaten
Saw it, loved it. I recommend asking them to name countries starting with U and see how many say Uraguay or Ukraine and not United States of America!

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