Teaching Someone a Lesson! Help Needed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 81cufc, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. Okay, so some dipsh!t has been messing me about. Unfortunately the dipsh!t has connections that can make my working life hell, so I can't personally give them grief; however he has made the monumental mistake of phoning me to be a pain in the ass on his personal mobile.

    Therefore I call upon arse members to help me with some links to some websites that I can sign this numb nuts upto & put his mobile number on to enable a little hassle.

    Anything goes!!

    Thanking you in advance.

    Edited to add: This is going to be my opening barrage of a long running war, bit of psychological warfare.
  2. PM me his number. I have the Bay City Rollers on CD and sing like a bird. heheheeee

    Oh, and that dodgy Blueberry O2 number that no-one knows.
  3. Ive got unlimited free texts and a few days of boredom ahead
  4. Put his number in a public phone box and alsorts of randoms will be ringing him at all hours. Job done!
  5. Too bad you can't just put his number up here.
  6. I dont suppose youve ever heard of a little website called 4chan? Its a forum site with all sorts of crazy shit and theres been quite a few times where peoples mobile numbers get posted for 'a bit of fun', most often someones missus/boyfriends number after she's/he's cheated on him/her. You should stick the guys number on there, im sure some of the posters on that site will make his life a living hell.
  7. Go on your pc and download interracial dwarf porn and all other crap you can find to his number
  8. Simply post his number on any of many gay dating websites. Whet told me that some of them allow you to post a photo as well as a phone number so post a photo of some muscular, male model too. His phone wont stop ringing.
  9. Whet told you??? Yeah, yeah, I believe you!
  10. A likely story!
  11. Pm me his number, I'm in Iraq at the moment and when I or one of the other lads wakes up at zero shit thirty for a slash we'll give him a bell find out how he is how his nights sleep is going and have a general chat untill said slash is finished I'm sure this would piss me off royally and if he wants to track down my hadji phone which has no doubt been cloned a million times he's welcome to come look for me.
  12. Print up a load of cards advertising a new sauna and giving a free first go on the opening night.

    Put his phone no. on - and better still if you can add his address - and stick them up in phone boxes.
  13. go to every craiglist 'casual encounters' page that you can find and offer bareback bottom/oral for anyone who calls.
  14. Stick his number on the walls of a public toliet offering to take the meaty man treat