Teaching MATT 6 Values and Standards....

Having been awarded this to teach rather soon, and been told to be creative, what's the best ways you've seen or actually carried out yourself to make this rather condescending and boring lecture a bit more interesting and lively?


You haven't a hope in hell. The best thing you can do is give your spiel at 100 words per second. It's time that no-one's gonna get back.
Pre prepared script for a reason! The best one I have ever heard was when an old OC Sqn of mine brassed up the Tiffy as we had been on the lash the night before and he had taken a liking to a group of nurses and one in particular! The OC then proceeded to ask a young Siggy what he would do if a married SSgt under his command was trapping off in front of him! Cue lots of sniggering and squirming from aforementioned Tiffy!
Best way I did it after I got dicked by my OC was get a JNCO/Senior Cfn to talk about each part of Values and Standards giving his/her own personnel experience after I did the introduction. Worked well got the points across and also had a bit of a laugh and ....errrm passed the buck to some degree.


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Is that the one with the shit video's about not nicking your mate's cleaning kit and crashing the rover and not reporting it? Or shagging your oppo's bird when he's not about?

Thats ******* rubbish that is. Good luck with it, but I doubt anyone will be conscious 5 minutes into the 'lesson'.

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